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Deus Ex Machina

DEUS EX MACHINA garnered critical praise from its inception in the late 1980s, when it hit the ground running by staging an ambitious rock opera. Too costly for a long run, it nevertheless led to the group's 1991 recorded debut of the opera (completed in just two days), Gallium Cæli.

In the final decade of the 20th century, prior to signing with Cuneiform, DEUS EX MACHINA released three additional studio albums - 1992's Deus Ex Machina, 1995's De Republica and 1998's Equilibrium da Insofferenza - along with two live albums: 1996's Diachronia Metronomiche and 1997's vinyl-only Non Est Ars Quae ad Effectum Casus Venit - all on the Italian Kaliphonia imprint. But it was upon joining the Cuneiform roster in 2002 with the release of Cinque - widely considered to be amongst the group's best work - that DEUS EX MACHINA began to garner broader international praise.

Of Cinque, AllMusicGuide writes "This remains pure Deus Ex Machina: lyrical, provoking, and genre-pushing." Exposé describes Imparis as "Driving, aggressive fusion mixed with wickedly complex rhythms, hints of RIO/avant-garde sounds, and Alberto Piras’ unbelievable vocal skills," while All About Jazz enthuses that "what's best about Imparis is the opportunity to follow Deus Ex Machina from its prog-metal beginnings to the more sophisticated group it is today. Everyone in DEM is a virtuoso."

Deus Ex Machina photo

Following an eight-year absence, the Italian rock/progressive group has burst back onto the international scene with Devoto, its 8th album and first release since Imparis. Blazing into contemporary focus with Devoto, DEUS EX MACHINA is poised to transcend the accomplishments of its past. In Devoto, this phenomenal band sharpens its musical focus and expands its conceptual depth to create a release that is nuclear in its power and universal in its spiritual, emotional, and musical appeal.

Devoto may have been a long time coming, but it's been more than worth the wait. "It took about a year-and-a-half, going very slow. We started to record with a mobile studio in a farmhouse; for ten days we set the whole valley on fire with our wall of sound," Piras says. "Then we started the mixing phase, which took quite a long time, filled with a number of setbacks...including Mauro’s finger. When we'd finished recording in the farmhouse and had started cleaning up, while shaking and folding the carpets I broke Mauro’s left hand finger. At first we thought it was OK, but then we saw that two phalanges were at a 90o angle...
Mauro almost fainted!"

Thankfully, Collina has fully recovered and, with the release of Devoto, DEUS EX MACHINA continues to write even more new material while preparing for upcoming live dates.

Long-time ProgDay attendees will remember DEUS EX MACHINA's incendiary performance from ProgDay 1996. We are pleased to once again host the band after a 20 year absence for an exclusive US show. Prepare yourself to revel in the gripping punch and the more direct - yet still compositionally dense and intense - music of DEUS EX MACHINA.


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Devoto cover

Devoto (2016)

Imparis cover

Imparis (2008)

Cinque cover

Cinque (2002)

Equilibrismo Da Insofferenza cover

Equilibrismo Da
Insofferenza (1998)

Non Est Ars Quae Ad Effectum Casus Venit cover

Non Est Ars Quae Ad
Effectum Casus Venit

Diacronie Metronomiche cover

Diacronie Metronomiche

De Republica cover

De Republica (1995)

Deus Ex Machina cover

Deus Ex Machina (1992)

Gladium Caeli cover

Gladium Caeli (1991)


"one of the most extraordinary bands in the entire music universe"

"The maniac Italian rockers of Deus Ex Machina did something to Fusion similar to what a group like THE MARS VOLTA would later do to Psychedelia: jolting the genre out of its middlebrow conventions with several megawatts of kinetic energy and an uncompromising musical vision."
- Neu!mann,

"I must say these guys play the best live music I´ve ever heard. Absolutely mind blowing, full of risk, with a level of interplay out of this world...Deus ex Machina are the true Area of XXI century, in the best tradition of Italian jazz-free-prog-rock... undoubtedly a step further in music. "