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The music EYE generates is technical, thought driven and atmospheric, but also very dirty and simple, an aesthetic the band refers to as garage-prog. Retro in style without sliding into stoner rock, EYE is driven by a love of raw, fist-pounding 1970s heavy metal and progressive-space rock, tempered by mind warping 1960s psychedelic music. With decades of experience as musicians and armed with an arsenal of vintage synthesizers, effects and gear, EYE bewitches audiences in the mid-west region from their home base in Columbus, Ohio.

EYE continues to connect with established fans and newcomers alike with their fourth release: “Vision and the Ageless Light” their first album on The Laser’s Edge, due summer 2016. Featuring vintage keys, mellotron, accomplished and dynamic songs, including an epic, full-side encompassing track. “Vision and the Ageless Light” will be the first EYE release to include new members bassist Michael Sliclen and guitarist Jon Finley. Promotional touring for the album is planned for summer and fall of 2016.

The brainchild of drummer Brandon Smith, EYE’s sound was fully realized in partnership with keyboardist/guitarist Lisa Bella Donna, who also engineered and mixed the first album “Center of the Sun” released on lp by Kemado records in 2012. After which, Lisa joined as a full time member and work began on the sophomore album “Second Sight”, independently released in 2013. EYE soon followed it with a live-in-the-studio lp and cassette on Dangerous Age records in 2014 titled “Live at Relay”. 2016’s “Vision and the Ageless Light” will be a welcome and exciting addition both EYE and The Laser’s Edge catalogues.

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Music To Check Out:

from Center Of The Sun (2011):

• "Rik Rite"

from Vision And Ageless Light (2016):

• "Dweller Of The Twilight Void"

from Second Sight (2013):

• "Cultrider (edit)"

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(Guitar, Vocals)

(Keys, Synths, Guitar, Vocals)

(Bass, Vocals)

(Drums, Percussion, Gongs, Vocals)


Vision cover

Vision And Ageless Light
(coming Autumn 2016,
The Laser's Edge,
CD & LP)

Live at Relay cover

Live At Relay (2014)

Second Sight cover

Second Sight (2013)

Eye single cover

“Back Door Jane”/
”Wooden Nickels” (7")

Center of the Sun cover

Center Of The Sun (2011)


"They can and do go anywhere, and there’s an underlying intensity that keeps hold of the attention however far out Eye might be spiraling..…mellotron-era King Crimson with space-bound Pink Floyd cosmic exploration and beefing up warm, live-sounding tones with the occasional freakout or weighted jam.."

"...much of Eye’s music refused to remain earthbound, and the band displayed a sense of weightlessness and dexterity even in those moments the power chords lumbered like great, unseen beasts...Throughout, both words and music combined to suggest a band engaged in some grand search. Lyrically, songs touched on heady themes like consciousness, spirituality, paranoia and astronomy. The music cast an equally wide net, flirting with prog, metal, ambient, jam, and, on one tune, something approaching funk."
- Andy Downing,