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Flor de Loto

Hailing from Lima, FLOR DE LOTO was founded by Alonso Herrera and Alejandro Jarrín in 1998. However it wasn’t until many years later that the band released their eponymous debut. Taking more than six months to record, Flor De Loto was a great success and is regarded by many as one of the best Latin American prog albums of 2005.

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Since then, the band has become the most well-known proponent of progressive rock from Peru. Often compared to Jethro Tull because of their flute/rock mix, their style also encompasses fusion, psyche, metal, folk (particularly Andean folk music) and film music.

Flor de Loto photo

Building an international audience, FLOR DE LOTO has been active on the festival scene, including Cresendo (France, 2008), Baja Prog (Mexico, 2007), Río Art Festival (Brazil, 2006 & 2009), Andes Prog (Chile, 2013 & 2015), Festivalternativo (Mexico, 2015), Festival Crescendo (France, 2016) and Festival Crescendo Guyane (French Guyane, 2016).

They have performed with such bands as Focus, Within Temptation, Rudess/Morgenstein Project, The Tony Levin Band, Orphaned Land and Hawkwind.

Flor de Loto photo

In 2011 FLOR DE LOTO was awarded “Band Of The Year” by El Comercio, one of Peru’s most important newspapers. In 2014 they received “Metal Band Of The Year” by the annual Peruvian Generarock Awards. El Comercio also named the band's eigth release, Árbol de la Vida, as “Best Metal Album Of The Year” in 2016.

Flor de Loto photo

On The Web:

Flor de Loto Official Web Site

Flor de Loto on YouTube

Music To Check Out:

from Arbol de la Vida (2016):

• "Odyssey"
• "Tenth Planet"

from Medusa, Live In Buenos Aries, Argentina (2015):

• "Espejo Del Alma"

from Imperio de Cristal (2011):

• "Imperio De Cristal"
• "Laberinto"

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(Lead Guitar, Vocals)


(Rhythm & Lead Guitars)

Wind Instruments)



Arbol de la Vida cover

Árbol de la Vida (2016)

Medusa. Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina cover

Medusa. Live in
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nuevo Mesias cover

Nuevo Mesías (2014)

Volver a Nacer cover

Volver a Nacer (2012)

Imperio de Cristal cover

Imperio de Cristal (2011)

Mundos Bizarros cover

Mundos Bizarros (2009)

Madre Tierra cover

Madre Tierra (2007)

Flor de Loto cover

Flor de Loto (2005)


"The Flor De Loto machinery continues to grow on and on in a never ending spiral of musical enhancement, and this brand new album entitled Nuevo Mesías is the unmistakably clear proof of that... Flor De Loto has continued to grow as a musical entity, which means that thanks to them, Peru's progressive scene remains an interesting point of reference regarding the healthy state of the affairs for current progressive rock around the globe. This album is one not to be missed!"

"Flor de Loto are ...from Peru, in fact I'd say they are without a doubt one of the best bands from that country... Lots of aggressive guitar, chunky bass lines and passionate drumming to go along with the flute excursions. "
- Mellotron Storm, PROGARCHIVES

"Flor de Loto are very much a modern band, but one with two feet in the past. One foot goes to the heady days of the early 1970s that produced the progressive rock scene. The other 'feet' goes way back to the indigenous tribes, and their musical traditions and folklore."