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Ghost Rhythms

"Often people claim to remember past lives; I claim to remember a different, very different, present life."
- Philip K. Dick

GHOST RHYTHMS is a french avant-jazz band created in 2005 by composers Camille Petit and Xavier Gélard. Gélard and Petit have known each other since the mid 90s and worked in a variety of rock and progressive rock-type ensembles. With neither of them having any background in jazz, but both having an interest in forming a jazz ensemble, they recruited jazz and classical players, making it clear that they would provide all the composed music, their view being that an interesting balance between immediacy and a more cerebral approach would be achieved between their own background as self-taught, prog-rock-influenced composers/musicians and by the academically-trained classical/jazz musicians who made up the rest of the ensemble.

By 2008, GHOST RHYTHMS were up and running and regularly gigging in various small Paris venues, but had yet to come to the attention of established media and institutions. This began to change when the band won prizes in several talent contests: at the Boule Bleue festival in the Somme in September 2008 (they were invited back for a headlining slot at the 2009 edition), the Jazz à La Défense festival in Paris in June 2012, where Ghost Rhythms came 3rd and 2nd in the Best Ensemble and Best Composer categories, and the Jazz en Baie festival near the Mont-Saint-Michel in September 2013. The La Défense prizes in particular proved instrumental in getting booked in Paris’ leading jazz clubs, such as the Sunset, where they won yet another talent contest.

The music and compositions are all about the exploration of what they call "ghost rhythm:" they play with pulsation, odd rhythms, and illusory perception to create a very special musical experience.

Ghost Rhythms band photo

"The music here walks a wide loop around Soft Machine and Magma, Univers Zero and Henry Cow, Miles Davis and Miriodor, Van Der Graaf Generator and Art Zoyd. It's impeccably assembled and played, while freely indulging the more insane aspects of progressive rock, avant-garde chamber music, and electric jazz....Despite the musical sophistication and adventure on Live at Yoshiwara, this music is extremely accessible to a wide swathe of listeners. Its release signals the magnificent arrival of Ghost Rhythms on American shores. Get it now."
– Thom Jurek / AllMusic

"Mysterious and beguiling...gloriously expansive and darkly cinematic...a highly enjoyable and melodic album intricate chamber jazz arrangements for...medium sized ensemble..."
– Bird Is The Worm

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Music To Check Out:

"La Chose" from Live At Yoshiwara (2019)
"I Did Not" from Madeleine (2015)
"Sept Cercles" from Sept Cercles (2008)

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