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Strange things may happen when a SLAYER fan forms a jazz group. Late in life band leader and bass player Pär Hallgren discovered 70´s jazz and Italian Progressive Rock. HOOFFOOT was formed in 2009 and have four permanent members. For live performances they use guest musicians (saxophone, trumpet, violin).

First live appearances were long jams at psychedelic multi-art events and happenings. Live appearances with shorter sets followed e.g. as opening act for classic Swedish fusion group FLÄSKET BRINNER. The band wanted to continue to present a wide spectrum of sounds and moods also during these more restrained circumstances. Therefore the band started to put more effort into arrangements. The focus was now on musical storytelling and small melodic themes soon grew to 15-30 minute arrangements.

In 2014 the band met award winning producer Christoffer Lundquist1. He is well known for his commercial success with mainstream artists but less known for his knowledge of analog recording and his personal love for symphonic compositions. Christoffer and the band connected in a fantastic way.

The resulting self-titled debut album was released on Feb 23rd 2015. It was voted album of the year in both Greek and German reviewer forums covering progressive rock.The Swedish National Radio has played the massive opening track in its entirety. When was the last time national radio played uninterrupted instrumental jazzrock for nearly 20 minutes?

The second album, The Lights In The Aisle Will Guide You, was released in 2019 and again was unanimously praised. This album was intended to be a guiding light through days of darkness. Although not a concept album as such, the four instrumental compositions on this album are all about navigating a world in flux.

The music may be complicated by some standards but HOOFFOOT does not necessarily want to impress the intellect of the listener. HOOFFOOT wants to bring the listener on-board for a journey through seas of sound carrying the listener from pleasant harbors of melody and into the unholy waters of mad improvisation.

For the old music lover, tired of the tidy sounds of modern recordings, HOOFFOOT is a breeze from past times when jazz used to be evil and when live musicians didn´t play it safe. For the rocker, HOOFFOOT is an ear opener, showing that Miles Davis lives right next door to Black Sabbath. However, the objective is not to recreate the music or the sounds of the 70’s. Hooffoot is firmly of the opinion that the spirit of the 70’s can only be properly honored by embracing the attitude that there are no rules.

Only conform to non-conformity!

Band members include:

• Joakim Jönsson, guitar - also in THE CARPET KNIGHTS, formerly in BLAND BLADEN, ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE
• Jacob Hamilton, drums
• Bengt Wahlgren, keyboards - also in SIBIRIEN

Former members and guest appearances by:

• Samuel Lundström - violin
• Johannes Tärk – percussion
• Ida Karlsson – saxophone
• Göran Abelli – trombone
• Gustaf Sörnmo – trumpet
• Ola Erikson - keyboards
• Mikael Ödesjö - guitar
• Pål Callmer - guitar

On The Web:

Official Hooffoot Website

Youtube: Hooffoot live at Burg Herzberg (2015)

Music To Check Out:

The Lights In The Aisle Will Guide You (2019) on Bandcamp

Hooffoot (2015) on Bandcamp

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The Light In The Aisle Will Guide You album cover

The Lights In The Aisle Will Guide You (2019)

Hooffoot album cover

Hooffoot (2015)

“ jazz rock and fusion with a clear prog rock approach to it. Think something like Santana, Miles Davis, Soft Machine, and Return to Forever and you're not too far off, but with a more prog rock approach to it... Really great stuff worthy of your attention! ”
- Progfan97402, PROGARCHIVES

“Hooffoot have done it again! The band's sonic footprints have left a huge impression upon my musical landscape. I for one, cannot wait for where their unique, but easily identifiable trail will next explore and lead. I have no hesitation in awarding this outstanding album the highest possible score. It's bloody, bloody great!”
- Owen Davies, DPRP

“Hooffoot’s debut album was one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises during the decade that’ll end in just a few days. Hooffoot came almost out of nowhere and was relatively easily named album of the year by editors in 2015...Where many prog bands fail, Hooffoot triumph. The expressive pluralism, the smoothness of changes and the flawless orchestration are simply rare...”
- Dimitris Kaltsas, PROGROCKS

“...blasts of retro-original exciting jazz-rock/fusion. Spooky/spacey keyboards mixed with trumpets and saxophone, Miles Davis meets (mostly) Soft Machine, throw in some ZAPPA-esque and Mahavishnu oddity, carefully picked oriental and latin moments and you get an uplifting mix of (surpisingly) modern-sounding jazz. Despite the length of the tracks and the levels of experimentation, Hooffoot retains a remarkably groovy pace and playful atmosphere... Invest without reservations, this is one of the highlights of 2016.”