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Mad Fellaz

MAD FELLAZ from Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza - Italy) have been an independent band making original, self-produced music since the autumn of 2010. The music comes from a deep knowledge of the past's most esteemed musicians like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, and Jethro Tul,l as well as contemporary artists such as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Beardfish and many more. Though mainly influenced by progressive rock, MAD FELLAZ prefers to not stick to a particular genre, but to welcome the deep nature of it; that is, evolution and ongoing research, and mixing different styles (rock, blues, fusion, jazz, classical, metal, latin, tribal...) with the ultimate purpose of creating original music with a strong personality.

Mad Fellaz band photo

Since 2010, MAD FELLAZ has gone through some line-up changes, but the hard core of the band has remained the same: Paolo Busatto (guitar), Marco Busatto (drums), Carlo Passuello (bass), Enrico Brunelli (keyboards, synth), Rudy Zilio (winds, synth), and Lorenzo Todesco (percussions). Luca Brighi (lead vocals) and Ruggero Burigo (guitar) joined the band in spring 2017.

The albums Mad Fellaz and Mad Fellaz II were well received by prog fans, with the band playing numerous live gigs and participating in large prog festivals all around Italy (Progressivamente Free Festival, Genova Porto Antico Prog Fest, and the Veruno Prog Festival opening for Motorpsycho).

Mad Fellaz band photo

In 2018 they took time to gather ideas which eventually came together in their third studio album. Mad Fellaz III was produced by musician and producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Le Orme, Mr.Mister, Stick Men and H-Blockx) who took MAD FELLAZ's music to a higher level. The album was released on January 26th, 2019, and performed live for the first time that same day in Milan at "La Casa di Alex".

A sophisticated release allowing space for creativity, but keeping an inherent stylistic coherence, it is considered to be the most progessive and mature album in their discography. A demanding album, it features additional instrumentation, such as violin, viola, cello, oboe and French horn.

With the Covid 19 pandemic bringing touring to a stop, the band has been concentrating on new compositions for its fourth album, planned for release by the end of the year.

Mad Fellaz band photo

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Music To Check Out:

from Mad Fellaz III:

• "Liquid Bliss"
• "Sweet Silent Oblivion"

from Mad Fellaz II:

• "Me Gusta"
• "OVO (Of Virtual Omniscience)"

from Mad Fellaz:

• "Il Colpevole Parte I"
• "La Giungla"

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(Keyboards, Synth)

(Winds, Synth, Backing Vocals)

(Lead Vocals)


(Guitar, Backing Vocals)


Mad Fellaz III cover

Mad Fellaz III (2019)

Mad Fellaz II cover

Mad Fellaz II (2016)

Mad Fellaz cover

Mad Fellaz (2013)

“Mad Fellaz II is an album that combines the best elements of Canterbury styled prog with the warming reassuring predictability and challenging unpredictability that an infusion of jazz and rock influences can offer. Stylistically, the album ranges from National Health-like instrumental passages to very occasional forays to a fuller quasi big band sound as beloved by bands such as Ian Carr's Nucleus. Nods to Santana, Gilgamesh and King Crimson also peep through in the band's lengthy compositions. The combination of so many contrasting styles creates music that is spaciously vibrant, always distinctive and often unique.”
- Owen Davies, DPRP

“A band and an album of high quality, complex and well-structured compositions, the changes are never taken for granted. A feature of this work is the originality, a band that has its own Progressive style, with well-defined personal characters. The result is a work that expresses what a Prog listener would like to hear, with quality and innovation.”
- Jacopo Vigezzi, PROGROCK JOURNAL

“lovers of quirky vocal-focused R.I.O/eclectic rock with endless lashings of instrumental colour, technical skill, a sly sense of humour and unpredictable changes will be completely thrilled by what they find here”
- Aussie-Byrd-Brother, PROGARCHIVES