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Often described as Primus meets Steve Vai or The Beatles meet Pantera, MÖRGLBL's live performances veer toward the crazy by mixing substantial metal riffs with subtle jazz harmonies, deep pocket grooves, and their trademark goofball humor.

In 1997, along with IVAN ROUGNY and JEAN-PIERRE FRELÉZEAU, CHRISTOPHE GODIN created THE MÖRGLBL TRIO and released two albums: The Mörglbl Trio!! in 1998 and Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land in 1999. Their humor-laden instrumental combination of jazz and metal was applauded by critics and became a favorite with fans of guitar-driven music. Though establishing a reputation with numerous other projects, MÖRGLBL was the band that provided Godin with a level of recognition that finally opened the doors of international distribution for his work.

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In the meantime, teaching since 1994 at the E.T.M. of Geneva, Switzerland, Godin's reputation was further solidified with the release of an instructional video (Heavy Metal: Les Techniques) and through a multitude of articles he wrote for dozens of guitar magazines. He became a regular guest at the M.A.I. of Nancy, France, and Godin continues to run master-classes throughout the country.

Though praised by fans and critics, the demands of other projects led to the end of THE MÖRGLBL TRIO in 2000. The three stayed in contact with each other, and while working and touring together in 2004 for Godin's solo project, METAL KARTOON, new material emerged which led to an unexpected reunion and the recording and release of Grötesk, their third album, in 2007. At that time they also became known simply as MÖRGLBL.

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The release of Grötesk, drove up their popularity all over the globe - particularly in the USA - and they were invited to perform at Europe’s famous Frank Zappa tribute festival, ZAPPANALE.

In 2007 MÖRGLBL also signed with The Laser's Edge Group which, in addition to providing Grötesk with a US release, also did their fans a service by reissuing their first two long out of print albums together as Toons Tunes From The Past.

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MÖRGLBL shifted in late 2007 when drummer AURÉLIEN OUZOULIAS joined the band and kicked them into high gear, ultimately resulting in 2009’s highly acclaimed Jazz For The Deaf.

In 2007 ProgDay was aware of the MÖRGLBL reunion and that they were planning their first tour of the US. Unfortunately the news came after the main stage lineup for 2007 had been confirmed. So that year MÖRGLBL played the ProgDay preshow in Chapel Hill.

In 2008 MÖRGLBL was invited to NEARfest X, America’s largest progressive rock music festival, where the stunned audience gave a standing ovation and cheered through a double encore.

Unfortunately, it would be 3 more years before the band would return to the United States. After 4 years of attempts, MÖRGLBL finally took the main stage at ProgDay as the Saturday headliner in 2011.

Intensive touring throughout Europe, Russia, China and the US continued through 2012’s Brutal Romance album. Along the way they shared the stage with the likes of Liquid Tension Experiment, Panzerballet, Freak Kitchen, Echoline, and Umphrey’s McGee.

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With the release of Tea Time For Punks in 2015 and this year's The Story Of Scott Rötti, MÖRGLBL continues to cement it's reputation as one of the world's great progressive rock bands.

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Music To Check Out:

from The Story Of Scott Rötti:
• "2 Flics Amis Amish"

from Brütal Römance:
• "Golden Ribs"

from Jäzz For The Deaf:
• "Hell's Balls"

from Grötesk:
• "Buffet Froid"

from Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land:
• "Scipagnolag Et Bombola"

from The Mörglbl Trio!!:
• "The Tale Of Thibault"

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The Story Of Scott Rotti cover

The Story Of
Scott Rötti (2019)

Tea Time For Punks cover

Tea Time For Punks

Brutal Romance cover

Brütal Römance

Live and Loud For the Deaf cover

Live And Loud For The Deaf (DVD, 2012)

Jazz For The Deaf cover

Jäzz For The Deaf

Toons Tunes cover

Toons Tunes From
The Past (2008)
(2CDs: Reissue of first
two albums)

Grotesk cover

Grötesk (2007)

Bienvenue cover

Bienvenue à
Mörglbl Land (1999)

Morglbl Trio cover

The Mörglbl Trio!!

"Morglbl’s music defies a simple description, but that is one of the band’s many charms. The trio possesses off-the-charts chops, but they temper the flame-throwing with taste and restraint… “The Story Of Scott Rötti” is state of the art when it comes to instrumental progressive music — although that description is woefully inadequate given all that this album brings. You can’t simply ask for more than chops, songs, and an album that surprises with every change of direction it so skillfully takes."
- Craig Parrish, GOSKAGIT

"What would you call a power trio that veers seamlessly between shredding peaks, jazzy moods, and fat funky grooves? Morglbl of course! Often compared to Primus meeting Steve Vai, Morglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh while you bleed! Morglbl is the punch you don't see coming!"

" excellent fusion of jazz rock, metal shred, great hooks, Gallic humour (both in daft, scat lyrics, and their choice of tunes/arrangements...), all played very well, very tightly and often with evident and infectious urgency ...The sense of fun is enhanced further with the instruments being made to talk to each other, so a conversation seems to impromptually breakout midway..."
- Dick Heath,

"Morglbl are experts in high energy rock instrumentals that utilize jazz as a template for a widely disparate group of songs. 'Jazz for the Deaf' is a creative tour de force. The hyped, amped musical creations teeter on the brink of chaos yet somehow Morglbl pull everything together. Godin has a bottomless well of ideas and musical colors to choose from...The trio combines their extensive skills resulting in enjoyable, listenable, and ultimately spectacular songs. If Morglbl keep making new CDs I will definitely run out of adjectives and other superlatives to describe their stellar approach."
- C. Kelter,

"...if I had to summarise the style of music I’d label this album as “Instrumental Progressive Jazz Rock” – progressive being the key word. If you don’t like songs chopping and changing tempo, style and feel – this...isn’t for you."

"While the world loves to compartmentalize and genrefy, there’s something gleeful about finding a musical experience that makes one scratch one’s head and wonder where things are headed. Enter Mörglbl, the French genre-bending power trio that has been thrilling musical adventurers since the late ’90s, and puzzling less adventurous significant others for just as long."