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OVRFWRD, from Minneapolis, MN., is an all instrumental quartet that formed in late 2012. The band members came together with diverse and complex backgrounds and musical influences. Originally the band intended to have a vocalist, but he never arrived at the recording sessions and the band decided to continue as an instrumental ensemble. The sound they developed is diverse, with hints of rock, jazz, and classical. It's the sound of a band that's working to always progress, never satisfied with genre or status.

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After releasing two albums, the band returned from the Fantasy Absent Reason tour that included legs with Stick Men (featuring members of King Crimson) and Kings X, and kept things moving forward by heading back in the studio with new material. The result will be their 3rd studio album, Blurring The Lines, which will be released on September 29.

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In addition, in the fall of 2017, OVRFWRD was filmed and recorded live at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN. The audio was released this summer as Occupations of Uninhabitied Space. The DVD of the performances will be available in the winter of 2018.

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Fierce. Over the top. Subtle changes. Playing in the moment. That’s the fun part. Building from a solid foundation, but always wth fresh surprises when discovering where the music will land. Barbarians at the gate; OVRFWRD is an instrumental band looking to prove every silent word.

Ovrfwrd live photo

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Music To Check Out:

from Occupations of Uninhabited Space (2018):

"Can We Keep The Elephant"
"Utopia Planitia"

Videos To Check Out:

“Utopia Planitia” (Live at Pachyderm Studios)

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(Drums, Percussion)


To Be Released

Blurring The Lines
(Sept. 29, 2018)

Occupations of Uninhabited Space cover

Occupations Of
Uninhabited Space

Fantasy Absent Reason cover

Fantasy Absent Reason

Beyond The Visible Light cover

Beyond The Visible
Light (2014)

"It is impossible to classify it. I don't find any other group to which I could refer. Heavy influences, space influences, jazz-rock influences... are obvious' with others!…You just need to like instrumental music with complex structures and technical maestria. If you really are prog fanatics, you can only be hypnotized."

"A progressive rock extremely close to an experimental rock and psychedelic vitaminized by its instrumental debauchery and sound. We find in the writing of the five pieces a fusional music, exploring new lands and mixing musical cultures, Western and Eastern. Rhythmic titles, waving between calm and violence, a lot of groove, sound research, a condensed technical and musical know-how."

"Using bits and pieces from all over the progressive rock universe they have created their own brand of progressive rock… An album that merits an inspection by those with a strong affection for instrumental progressive rock, and a desire to listen to a band that explores this kind of music in a manner that doesn't invite instant associations to specific bands, styles or traditions."

"…they combine the likes of King Crimson and Discipline in their music… but there are times when one thinks that Spock's Beard have had a part to play, or Arena, or Dialeto, while there are times when they bring in fusion and make it centre stage. There is a great deal going on… this is an incredibly intense and enjoyable progressive rock album, one that I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys this style of music."