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Pär Lindh

Perhaps best known to progressive rock fans as the founder of Pär Lindh Project, before turning to working in a band PÄR LINDH had several careers: church organist, as a touring classical pianist, as a solo harpsichordist, as a drummer, as a Hammond organist, and as a jazz & ragtime entertainer among others.

During 1977 and 1978 he played in Antenna Baroque and Vincebus Eruptum, but he decided to leave the rock scene in 1979 to become a classical player. He moved to France to continue this career. In 1989 he returned to Sweden determined to once again take up the banner of progressive rock.

In 1991 PÄR LINDH and some friends started The Swedish Art Rock Society and put on their first festival. This festival was a starting point for a new wave of progressive-rock and art-rock. During this period PÄR, alongside Jocke Ramsell and Magdalena Hagberg (who sadly passed in 2007), made his first recording with the Crimsonic Label, Gothic Impressions. The recording also featured members of Anglagard and The Flower Kings, both of which would become important bands in the upcoming "prog revival."

Par Lindh photo

PÄR continued working with Ramsell and Hagberg. Together with Nisse Bielfeld and Marcus Jäderholm, they formed Pär Lindh Project. In 1996 the concept album Bilbo was released, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's first book The Hobbit. PLP headlined the 1997 Rio Art Rock Festival and played other dates in Brazil and Argentina. Late 1997 saw the release of PLP’s second album, Mundus Incompertus.

PLP were always well received on tour, and won several prizes for "Best band of festival" After the summer of 2000 tour, PLP continued as a trio with Magdalena, Nisse and PÄR to record PLP's third album, Veni Vidi Vici. In 2002 the band suffered a setback due to illness. However, they made a strong return in 2004, and started recording a new album. 2011 saw the release of a new PLP album, Time Mirror.

Par Lindh photo

During the past decades PÄR LINDH has toured as a classical musician in Europe and the Americas where he has given hundreds of solo concerts as harpsichordist, concert pianist and organist. He has toured extensively over a dozen times in the Americas, including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the USA, as a classical soloist as well as the leader of his ensemble The Pär Lindh Project. Concert tours in Europe include Germany, Italy, France, England, Portugal, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Par Lindh and Keith Emerson

PÄR’s love of the music of Keith Emerson is well known. His solo performance at ProgDay will pay tribute to Emerson, with material from The Nice and ELP, as well as his own music from Pär Lindh Project and more.

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Music To Check Out:

from Time Mirror(2011):
"Sky Door"

from Gothic Impressions (1994):
"Gunnlev's Round"

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Time Mirror cover

Time Mirror (2011)

In Concert, Live In Poland cover

In Concert, Live In
Poland (DVD 2008)

Live In Iceland cover

Live In Iceland (2002)

Vini, Vidi, Vici cover

Vini, Vidi, Vici (2001)

Live In America cover

Live In America (1999)

Mundus Incompertus cover

Mundus Incompertus

Gothic Impressions cover

Gothic Impressions


"Those who know the history of this genre realise quickly that Pär Lindh is a keyboard maestro in his own right and that he should be mentioned as an equal among players like for example Patrick Moraz and Keith Emerson."
- Ulf Gustavsson

"In the 90s and early 2000 Par Lindh was the prototype of the modern prog hero: with his Pär Lindh Project... his band played concerts around half the world for in particular the diehard lovers of symphonic rock at full blast performances an interpreter of art-rock keyboard-oriented music Par Lindh has no equal in our time. "
- Donato Zoppo

"In my opinion, Pär Lindh is one of the most brilliant keyboardists and any album signed by him is a jewel. This is another fantastic demonstration of his talent. "

"Pär Lindh is a phenomenon. You just got to see this keyboardist change quick as lightning from piano to Hammond and then change around 180 degrees to the other Hammond without losing a split second in his playing! And what playing! His fingers dances on the keyboards…every note so natural and played with such a precision so you can´t help but beeing filled with admiration.”
- Jean-Marc Rousse