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PIXIE NINJA is the result of two individuals with a huge appetite for Scandinavian progressive music - Jostein Haugen and Marius Leirånes. The pair go way back and have played together in various projects since early 2008. They began to work on PIXIE NINJA’s debut album in late May, 2015. One year later they began the recording of Ultrasound.

During the process the band reached out to Mattias Olsson (Necromonkey, ex-Änglagård). Participating mainly as their producer, he was also in charge of drums, overdubs and mixing. Johan Hals Jørgensen (organist) was later recruited as the band’s keyboardist.

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Jostein and Marius play the guitars, bass and keyboard sections, alongside glockenspiels and other various instruments. Mattias provides uplifting and experimental drum beats throughout the recording, along with the Mellotron M400 and other instruments. The album also features Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (Weserbergeland, White Willow, Wobbler, Motorpsycho) adding a layer of majestic flute on one of the tracks.

Ultrasound is a fully instrumental album consisting of soaring leads and cinematic string sections. The album is an emotionally powerful set of atmospheric electronica and progressive rock that blends the past, the present and the future. The album was released in June, 2017, on Apollon Records.

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When Ultrasound was created, Marius and Jostein never intended to play live concerts of the material, but later they received so many requests for live shows, that they decided to make it happen.

In the beginning of February, 2018, Marius and Jostein asked Mattias Olsson to join the band on drums and Fredrik Klingwall to be the band’s new keyboard maestro. They met up at Roth-Händle Studios in May and started rehearsing for live shows.

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ProgDay is happy to host PIXIE NINJA for its first performance in the U.S.! ...Cheers!

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Ultrasound (2017)

"Pixie Ninja is one of those bands whose assembled creative forces transports them into landscapes and realms not all that often explored by others. The material is instrumental, and features a liberal amount of electronic and conventional electric instruments, drawing in impulses from multiple parts of the progressive rock spectrum into a cohesive and rather adventurous whole. A band to seek out for those who tend to enjoy captivating, adventurous progressive rock of the kind that exists outside of the proverbial box."
- Windhawk,

"On the album Ultrasound can find a wonderful mix of electronic and progressive music. The album is mainly keyboard dominated but you can find also some fine guitar parts on this disc. And the drumming of Mattias Olsson brings the music to another level. ...there is a lot of beauty hidden. Great melodies and intriguing music can be found on this remarkable album."
- Douwe Fledderus,

"this is an excellent debut, ...repeated plays reveal hidden depths and textures, and it becomes clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into creating this work. It would be great to see this album played live..."

"Even though there are some more conventional reference points scattered throughout this review, one of the biggest compliments I can pay Pixie Ninja is that they sound, overall, remarkably unlike anyone else"
- Steven Reid

"Ultrasound is a brilliant record, it is a child of great originality and desire to write music with
a strong and unique personality. 9/10"

"I admire the Scandinavian scene, and this band is going to be up on my list that is up there with Anglagard, White Willow, Motorpsycho, and Beardfish to name a few. ...There are elements between Goblin, Anima Morte and the Sorcerer-era of Tangerine Dream thrown into the mix. …think of this like an extended director’s cut of a sci-fi dystopian movie. It blends well of the past, present, and future. It’s creepy, deep, and vast… Ultrasound is one of the scariest and compelling releases I’ve listened to."