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Sonus Umbra

The past is but prologue...

SONUS UMBRA was originally formed in Mexico City in 1989 by Luis Nasser, Ricardo Gómez and Andrés Aullet. This uncertain, three-headed zygote grew, and matured, and made bigger and louder noises until it became a real band: a band that played relentlessly and developed a considerable cult following. It played lots of good shows, some truly great shows, and some real stinkers too. But it grew and grew until eventually it broke up. To this day, nobody really knows why and that is the story we are sticking to.

Of course, like any self-respecting STD (sonic terrestrial dispatch), it came back: reformed by Nasser, Gómez and Aullet in Baltimore around 1997, incorporating Kurgan's Bane drummer Jeff Laramee, it went on to record and release 4 critically acclaimed (and currently out of print) albums:

Laughter in the Dark (1997)
Snapshots from Limbo (1998)
Spiritual Vertigo (2003)
Digging For Zeros (2005)

Conceived primarily as a studio vehicle, the band did manage to tour briefly in 2004, including high profile gigs at Orion Studios in Baltimore and at the inaugural ROSFEST, before once again going into hiatus in 2005 when Nasser decided to move to Chicago and spend most of his time performing, recording and touring with Might Could.

Sonus Umbra photo

But as H.P. Lovecraft might have said (on a bad day): That is not dead which doth for 8 years lie. And with strange aeons, SONUS UMBRA never dies. Indeed, 2013 saw the resurgence of the band featuring Chicago musical stalwarts Steve Royce, Rich Poston and Roey Ben-Yoseph, plus Might Could compadres Tim McCaskey and Andy Tillotson. With the addition of Brittany Lee Moffitt on vocals, the new band released Winter Soulstice in 2013, and began a serious itinerary of live performance all over North America, including a return to ROSFEST, ProgtoberFest in Chicago, and various shows at hallowed venues such as Orion, the NJ Proghouse and the Boston ProgEARS showcase. The band also made an appearance at Terra Incognita in Quebec City,

2015 saw the release of Beyond the Panopticon, and more touring on the East Coast and the Midwest, including a trip to Mexico at the Breaking Borders Festival in San Cristóbal, Chiapas and a return to old haunts in Mexico City.

Sonus Umbra photo

SONUS UMBRA is currently working on a new album called A Sky Full of Ghosts, and we are getting ready for our second Canadian tour in October (2017), as well as other Mid West shows.

25+ years of history, and we are honored to be a part of the world's longest running prog festival.

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Sonus Umbra Official Web Site

Music To Check Out:

from Beyond The Panopticon (2015):
"Alone Together Alone"

from Winter Soulstice (2013):
"Insomniac Blue"
"Rebuke The Sea"

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(Lead Vocals, Percussion)

(Flute, Keyboards, Vocals)

(Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)

(Drums, Percussion)

(Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals)



Beyond The Panopticon cover

Beyond The Panopticon (2015)

Winter Soulstice cover

Winter Soulstice (2013)

Digging For Zeros cover

Digging For Zeros (2005)

Spiritual Vertigo cover

Spiritual Vertigo (2003)

Snapshots From Limbo cover

Snapshots From Limbo (1998)

Laughter In The Dark cover

Laughter In The Dark (1997) (Released as
Radio Silence)


"BEYOND THE PANOPTICON is not an easy and superficial musical experience! Au contraire, it's a marvelous musical journey... very cinematic and rich in audio images,we are invited for a fantastic, transcedental journey and in the end,we have the feeling of being a part of a great musical endeavour!"

"[Winter Soulstice]... Highly recommended to prog fans who like a good balance of melody and complexity. "

"They’re unlike any other band, and that’s a refreshing thing. Highly recommended!!"

"For me [Winter Soulstice] is one of the best albums I have heard in 2013 and I hope it gets the recognition that it deserves."