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Stop Motion Orchestra

STOP MOTION ORCHESTRA formed in 2013 and quickly got to work recording their debut, Instant Everything!, a collection of cartoonish prog mini epics drawing equally from early Zappa instrumentals, ‘70s synth rock, and post punk. After some line-up shuffling and a brief hiatus, the band resurfaced with a new aesthetic and a new line-up featuring several virtuoso players from Austin’s fertile rock scene.

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While the musicians who appear on Lightworks have extensive resumés in Austin's progressive and experimental scenes, the collective voice that emerges across the five instrumental works transcends both scene and genre, revealing a close-knit telepathic unit at the height of their powers.

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The group draws on influences ranging from Henry Cow, Magma, Haniwa-Chan, and Picchio Dal Pozzo, to traditional music from Eastern Europe and South Asia. The tracks deliver thunderous juxtapositions of style in the spirit of the "rock in opposition" movement: Eastern folk melodies played on sax and violin are interlaced with synthesized bass lines and layered electric and acoustic guitars; meticulous notation is balanced by a raw, DIY aesthetic that emphasizes texture, and atmosphere; ancient myths are given a new soundtrack for the 21st century.

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Music To Check Out:

from Lightworks (2018):

• "Serafini's Cat"
• "Nerve Hurdle"
• "Oceano De Leche"

from Instant Everything! (2014):

• "Mystery Grandma"
• "Instant Everything!"

Videos To Check Out:

• "Instant Everything!"
• “Serafini's Cat”
• "Little Smiles"

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(Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute, Vocals)






Lightworks cover

Lightworks (2018)

Intant Everything! cover

Instant Everything!

“From the Texas you don’t hear so much about, Stop Motion are a seven piece, rock-inflected, late sixties-mid-seventies influenced band (drums, bass, piano, synth, violin, cello, sax, banjitar) playing highly harmonically based, rhythmically interesting and through-composed music that’s a pleasure to listen to... Familiar echoes of the better bands of the era, but still very much on its own track. Nice work.”
- Chris Cutler (Henry Cow, Art Bears, etc.)

“With one foot firmly in the rich bed of Euro-folk and another in a more classic melodic proggy space, this Austin based quintet brings a lot of great ideas to the fore with a snappy and clever songwriting style and an interesting combination of instrumentation. De-facto bandleader and primary composer Mohadev plays guitars, keyboards, banjo, bass, computer and other stuff, pulling together a wide array of compositional ideas that all mesh together well, but still challenge conventional senses.”
- Peter Thelen, EXPOSE