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VAK was started in 2008 by drummer Vladimir Mejstelman (ex-Grand Cerf, Laab Asi Ji-Sui ) and vocalist Aurélie Saintecroix, who thrived on 1970s rock, especially Magma’s music. Over the years, the band expanded its music with broader and more extreme influences, integrating new members coming from various musical horizons, from metal (Thomas Bourgenot, VAK’s guitarist until 2016, and Joël Crouzet of ADHARA ) to experimental noise music (Alexandre Michaan of MARPL and MUR ) and classical music (Juliette Drigny, VAK’s flutist until 2016).

VAK band

After two EPs largely marked by the construction of an identity still very close to the “zeuhl” influence (recorded between 2012 and 2014 and reedited by the Soleil Zeuhl record label under the title Aedividea), VAK evolved towards a slightly odder and more experimental progressive rock, with an increasing interest in other progressive spheres such as the Rock in Opposition scene.

VAK band photo

Between 2015 and 2017, the band worked on a new opus, gathering its various stylistic influences within long compositions that became their first album, Budo, in 2018.

With this record, the band became a quartet, occasionally enhanced by guest instruments (such as guitars or flute, which had been more systematically present until Aedividea).

Vak band photo

The music of VAK is now focused on the fusion of frantic and rough progressive rock with more alternative or atmospheric music genres, exploring pathways between 1970s rock experiments and the current musical avant-garde.

VAK band photo

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Budo cover

Budo (2018)

Aedividea cover

Aedividea (2015)

"Surprises, evocative harmonic and melodic choices, and rhythmic complexities…VAK achieves them all quite convincingly and in a most enjoyable manner on Budo. No fan of progressive rock or avant-prog should leave this release (Budo) behind."
- Dave Tremblay,

"(Budo) reaffirms
VAK as an important entity for the preservation of the most avant-garde aspects of progressive rock today. This band is part of the front row detachment for the new generation of French Zeuhl... One of the most notable progressive works that Europe gave to the world in the year 2018"
- Cesar Inca Mendoza Loyola, ROCK - PROGRESIVO

"Five stars; a masterpiece of progressive rock music. It is so difficult for me to find fault with Zeuhl music because it's usually so well-constructed and takes such instrumental prowess to render. Plus, there often seems to be present an underlying emotional and even spiritual component to this music. Perhaps this subgenre is the pinnacle - or synthesis - of all that is best about progressive rock music."
- Brufordfreak, PROGARCHIVES

"I have listened to Aedividea about four times now. And I get scared and spellbound every time I listened to VAK’s music. The spirit of Henry Cow and Magma along with King Crimson are in their DNA and in their flesh and blood also."
- Zachary Nathanson

"I was pretty much stunned after my first listen of (Aedividea) leaving me wondering why this album and band aren't being talked about a lot more than they are. Then I found out it was the fourth highest rated 2015 release on the Gnosis site, and then I discovered that one of my favourite reviewers Tom Hayes had given it 4.5 out of 5 stars and yes I felt vindicated I suppose. VAK are a young band out of France who bring to mind ESKATON, EIDER STELLAIRE and MAGMA. I am so stoked about this record. The first track is like Zeuhl 101 and I love it but the second half of this album especially is quite dense at times and a bit of a challenge which I appreciate. A top three album for me for 2015."
- Mellotron Storm, PROGARCHIVES

"Even if they had disbanded after Budo, what they’ve already given artistically is enormous and, most importantly, unique. Fortunately, everything shows that the band from Paris has just begun its course in top class prog rock. This is one of the top zeuhl records of all time and one of the best prog albums of the last decades."
- Dimitris Kaltsas, PROGROCKS