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“Imagine the dynamics of life as depicted through sounds; or the contrasts you see in everyday life, expressed in light and colours. This is what many artists have tried to do in the past, and still try to do today, in their own language. This is what we try to do now, and will try to do tomorrow, in our own language. We just try to capture our daily impressions: no matter whether this is progressive rock or not”
(Accordo Dei Contrari, from Progarchives interview, February 2011).

ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI was formed in 2001 in Bologna, Italy, conceived as a vehicle for making original instrumental music. For three years they worked as a trio with Cristian Franchi on drums, Giovanni Parmeggiani on keyboards and Alessandro Pedrini on guitar. In 2003 Daniele Piccinini joined the band on bass, but soon Alessandro Pedrini departed. They became a quintet in January 2004 with Cristian Franchi on drums, Giovanni Parmeggiani on keyboards, Daniele Piccinini on bass, Marco Marzo on guitar and Vladimiro Cantaluppi on violin.

In 2006 Vladimiro Cantaluppi left the band – just one month before recording. Thus ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI recorded their very first work as a quartet (Cristian Franchi on drums, Giovanni Parmeggiani on keyboards, Daniele Piccinini on bass, Marco Marzo on guitar), and the album Kinesis was the result. With two days of live-recording in studio in June 2006, with short overdubs of violin and sax in October-November 2006, Kinesis (AltrOck 2007) was critically acclaimed and won the Progaward for the best Italian album of progressive rock in 2007.

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Since 2007, they have focused their attention on improvisation, polyrhythms, and on playing together and interacting musically on stage: they wanted to grow up as a living rock group. They started playing some gigs during the period 2008-2009 in Europe (AltrOck festival in Milan, Italy; Progrésiste in Verviers, Belgium; Cheese Prog festival in Strasbourg, France; Gong festival in Parma, Italy; Freakshow Artrock festival in Würzburg, Germany) and worked on new compositions, both acoustic and electric. They were engaged in 2010 for the prestigious NEARfest 2011 in Bethlehem, USA, before it was unfortunately cancelled. In the meanwhile, they started collaboration with Richard Sinclair (ex Caravan, Hatfield and the North, Camel) for live-acts.

They recorded their second album, Kublai, in July 2010 at Mauro Pagani’s Officine Meccaniche, in Milan, and published it as a self-production in April 2011. One of the recorded songs, "L'ombra di un sogno," features Richard Sinclair on vocals.

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In September 2012 they played ProgDay, their very first venture overseas and their first performance in the US. In 2013 they worked on new material, and after a two-day / one-day period of recording (January 17-18 and February 15, 2014) at Loris Ceroni’s Le Dune, in Riolo Terme, they published their third, (again) totally instrumental album, AdC (AltrOck 2014). Here the formula of the electric quartet is occasionally enriched by violin, viola and cello.

In August 2014 they played at the prestigious Crescendo Festival (Saint Palais sur Mer, France). As a trio without electric bass, they also played at Berchidda Festival, organized by the famous trumpet player Paolo Fresu. In the meanwhile, bass player Daniele Piccinini left the band (August/September 2014).

In October 2014 ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI started working on their fourth album, Violato Intatto, as a trio without electric bass. In January 2016 Stefano Radaelli, on alto & baritone sax, joined the band. Violato Intatto was recorded by the new quartet (Franchi on drums, Parmeggiani on keyboards, Radaelli on alto & baritone sax, Marzo on guitar) from 16 to 23 July, 2016, at Loris Ceroni’s Le Dune, in Riolo Terme. It was self-released in the Spring 2017, and was acclaimed by critics as the pinnacle of ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI’s work so far. One of the songs, "Shamash," features Alessandro Bonetti from Deus ex Machina on violin. The extended double vinyl version of Violato Intatto (Ma.Ra.Cash 2018) includes two further tracks recorded in February 2018.

Accordo Dei Contrari photo

In October 2018 ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI played ProgStock, and gave concerts in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. They are now working on their fifth album.

ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI’s influences range from progressive rock and rock-jazz of seventies, to contemporary jazz, art rock, classic music of 20th century (Strawinsky, Messiaen), and the avant-garde.

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Violato Intatto cover

Violato Intatto (2017)

AdC cover

AdC (2014)

Kublai cover

Kublai (2011)

Kinesis cover

Kinesis (2007)

"Their musical stew is an exciting and angular concoction of contrasts, sharp corners, hidden turns, and clever ideas, all woven together somewhere near the intersection of jazz and rock, with a dollop of Italian culture stirring the mix. If you could only buy one recording this year, Violato Intatto might well be the one worth seeking out."
- Peter Thelen, EXPOSÉ

"...the wide variety of material always keeps the disc fresh, vibrant and exciting through bring a range of emotions - some attack with a fury, some challenge the mind, others craft immersive atmospheres and then there are just blasts of cool energy aiming to be fun. It all amounts to `Violato Intatto' likely being Accordo dei Contrari's true masterwork...until their next album most likely! Instrumental album freaks, jazz/fusion fans and lovers of challenging and off-kilter progressive music, here's very likely your favourite album of 2017."
- Aussie-Byrd-Brother, PROGARCHIVES

"The style of the band is prog / jazz-rock as ever, characterized by heaviness and free of fusion babbling; instead it is rock phrases that are on the lead in impeccably designed improvisational surroundings. The dynamism, the astonishing tightness between the band members and their prodigious skills were more or less expected, but every new release of Accordo dei Contrari impresses the listener anew. Moreover, there is more than meets the eye (or should I say ear) in this very album, impossible for the listener to absorb during the first (or second) listen. The intelligent prog in balance with jazz-rock, immersed in adventurous environment, blow the listener out effortlessly, be it quiet parts or fiery explosions."
- Dimitris Kaltsas, PROGROCKS

"Five stars; a masterpiece of complex, boundary-pushing progressive rock music--the goal that all progressive rock musicians should strive for. "
- Brufordfreak, PROGARCHIVES

"The first striking change compared to the recent past of the band from Bologna is the permanent addition of the saxophonist Stefano Radaelli, allowing an intense classic jazz feeling to permeate the outcome, while their technocratic and immaculate style remains completely intact. The ingredients of the recipe are once again well-played and powerful instrumental jazz-prog flawlessly delivered, as well as amazing rhythm changes and swifts of mood, always with experimental leanings."
- Paris Gravouniotis, PROGROCKS