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SHWIZZ is a one of a kind powerhouse from Nyack, New York. Drawing a substantial influence from classic progressive rock, they consistently put their musical abilities to the test to deliver a high intensity and musically immersive show.

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SHWIZZ is simply a one of a kind progressive sound, a melting pot of aural pleasantries, from the melodic and harmonic complexity of artists like Bela Fleck, Chick Corea & Steely Dan to the experimental stylings of groups like YES, King Crimson and Zappa…and just about anything in between.

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For years the band experimented with different lineups including the use of horn sections, lead singers and percussionists. After about a decade and a large cast of characters later, the tried and true Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keyboard arrangement seemed best suited to their brand of progressive rock, and is what the band currently features.

ShwizZ keyboards

The music of SHWIZZ is brought to life by guitarist Ryan Liatsis, drummer Andrew Boxer, bassist Scott Hogan and the keyboard wizardry of Will Burgaleta.

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Music To Check Out:

from Clock Tower (Single) (2021):

• "Clock Tower"

from Big Things (2020):

• "Splinter"
• "Unnamed King"
• "Big Things"

from ShwizZ II (2019):

• "Forest Fire"

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(Guitar, Vocals)


(Keyboards, Vocals)



Clocktower cover

Clock Tower (Single) (2021)

Big Things cover

Big Things (2020)

ShwizZ II cover

ShwizZ II (2019)

And Then There Were Trolls cover

And Then There Were TrollZ (2016)

My Good Side My Bad Side cover

My Good Side - My Bad Side (2015)

ShwizZ cover

ShwizZ (2011)

"The album (Big Things) tunes the ears of the most complex listener and holds them to a higher standard."
- NYSMusic.com

"These gentlemen play some of the best and most authentic ’70s-style fusion music anywhere. Period. The end. Let your ears confirm this."
- musicfestnews.com

"Nyack, New York’s  ShwizZ are back with a new record called ShwizZ II that is sure to rattle your soul in all the best ways… A mostly instrumental record, the album blends jam heavy rock fusion into bits of funk and jazz with a heavy dose of synth…The songwriting on this album is exciting and impressive. ShwizZ II is highly recommended and something I can’t wait to check out live as soon as possible. "
- Thejamwich.com