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Welcome To ProgDay!

ProgDay is a two-day annual outdoor festival of progressive music featuring artists from all over the world. Some bands have come from as near as North Carolina, and others from as far as Sweden, Italy, Venezuela and Indonesia. ProgDay has been held every year since it's birth in 1995, making it the longest running progressive rock event in the world.

The ProgDay organization is a grassroots collective of fans and volunteers who labor for the love of the music. They receive no compensation, yet every year they put in a tremendous amount of work to make ProgDay the best it can be.

Of particular importance are our day-of-event volunteers. The people that direct you to parking, take your ticket at the gate, empty the garbage, and do the scores of other things that keep ProgDay moving, are all volunteers. They've bought a ticket to the festival just like you, but they are donating part of their ProgDay experience to helping out.

Over the years ProgDay has hosted many memorable and important performances. ProgDay is responsible for the first American appearances of many bands from progressive rock's "golden era" including Kraan (Germany), Samla Mammas Manna (Sweden), Arti é Mestieri (Italy), Shylock (France), Ain Soph (Japan), Trettioariga Kriget (Sweden) and Tempano (Venezuela), as well as US debuts by later bands like Beardfish (Sweden), Uzva (Finland), Naikaku (Japan), Accordo Dei Contrari (Italy), Panzerballett (Germany), Necromonkey (Sweden), Apocalypse (Brazil), Kotebel (Spain), Cabezas De Cera (Mexico), and many others. ProgDay presented the first major US appearance of the Muffins after their reunion in 1998. It was only their second time in the US when Pain Of Salvation and The Spacious Mind played ProgDay. ProgDay also has a tradition of showcasing outstanding current bands like Thank You Scientist (US), Consider The Source (US), INfiNieN (US), Sonar (Switzerland), Jack O' The Clock (US), Marbin (Israel/USA), Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (US) and Bent Knee (US).

B. Oblivion Sun at ProgDay

The folks at ProgDay have once again worked hard to bring you the best in progressive music. We hope that you'll join us this year for another great weekend of music, friendship and fun.

ProgDays Past

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Band Statistics

• Performers at ProgDay as of 2019: 187
Of those performers:
• First performance at a North American prog festival: 144
• First performance in the United States due to ProgDay: 42
• Number of countries represented at ProgDay: 23

Countries And Bands At A Glance

BELGIUM: Quantum Fantay
BRAZIL: Apocalypse
CANADA: Half Past Four, Karcius, Mahogany Frog,
Miriodor, The Rebel Wheel with Guy LeBlanc
DENMARK: Secret Oyster
FINLAND: Höyry-Kone, Uzva
FRANCE: Clearlight, NeBeLNeST, Mörglbl, Nemo,
Pascal Gutman Trio, Shylock
GERMANY: Kraan, Panzerballett
INDONESIA: Discus, simakDialog
IRAN: Mavara
ISRAEL: Marbin
ITALY: Accordo Dei Contrari, Alex Carpani Band with David Jackson,
A Piedi Nudi, Arti é Mestieri, Consorzioacquapotabile, Deus Ex Machina, Finisterre, Malibran, Mary Newsletter, La Maschera Di Cera, Sensations' Fix
JAPAN: Ain Soph, Ars Nova, Naikaku, Providence, Qui
MEXICO: Cabezas de Cera, Cast, Luz De Riada
NORWAY: Pixie Ninja
PANAMA: Equinox
SPAIN: Amarok, Galadriel, Kotebel, Psicotropia
SWEDEN: Beardfish, The Flower Kings, Freak Kitchen, Pär Lindh,
Pär Lindh Project, Mats/Morgan Band, Necromonkey, Pain Of Salvation, Qoph, Samla Mammas Manna, The Spacious Mind, Trettioåriga Kriget
UK: Flash, Landmarq, Ozric Tentacles, Thieves Kitchen, Wishbone Ash
UNITED STATES: 3RDegree, Abigail's Ghost, Ad Astra, Advent, After The Fall, Alaska, Avant Garden, Azigza, Bent Knee, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, Boud Deun, Brave, Bubblemath, Canvas Solaris, Cheer-Accident, Barry Cleveland's Hologramatron, Consider The Source, Corima, Crucible, Dark Aether Project, Dave Kerzner Band, Deluge Grander, Djam Karet, Discipline, Doctor Nerve, Dreadnaught, Nick D’Virgilio, Eccentric Orbit, Echolyn, Edensong, Ephemeral Sun, Eye, Far Corner, Farmhouse Odyssey, Farquhar, Fibonacci Sequence, Forever Einstein, French TV, Frogg Café, The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Glass Hammer, Hamster Theatre, Hands, Happy The Man, Hedersleben, Helmet Of Gnats, Herd Of Instinct, Holding Pattern, House Of Usher, Illuvatar, iNFiNiEN, In The Presence Of Wolves, IZZ, Jack O' The Clock, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, King Llama, Kopecky, Karmic Juggernaut, Mike Keneally Band, Mike Keneally with Andy West, Krakatoa, Brett Kull, Bon Lozaga, Mahavishnu Project, Mars Hollow, Mastermind, The Mercury Tree, Mirthrandir, The Muffins, Oblivion Sun, Out Of The Beardspace, Ovrfwrd, Ozone Quartet (aka Cloud Nine), Matthew Parmenter, Fernando Perdomo & The Out To Sea Band, Shawn Persinger, Persephone's Dream, Glenn Phillips Band, Pinnacle, Polydactyl, David Ragsdale, Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores, Jimmy Robinson, Salem Hill, Scale The Summit, Skeletonbreath, Smokin' Granny, Shadow Circus, Sigmund Snopek III, Soften The Glare, Sonus Umbra, Soundscape, Squonk Opera, Spiraling, Strange Changes, The Tea Club, Ten Jinn, Thank You Scientist, Three, Tiles, Timothy Pure, Thinking Plague, Travis Larson Band, David Torn, Tristan Park, The Underground Railroad, Us Today, Ut Gret, Valence, VonFrickle, Volaré, Woodenhead, Yeti, Yokeshire, Michelle Young, Zevious, Zombie Frogs
VENEZUELA: Backhand, Tempano

ProgDay is a non-profit cultural event and an official production of Musical Arts Progressive Society, Inc. (M.A.P.S.), a North Carolina company organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to support artists of national and international origin who are creating progressive and innovative music.


Photographers: Badger - Secret Oyster / Michael Inman - Mahogany Frog / Juan Joy - Avant Garden, Tempano / Bill Lohrer - Focus / Deb Sears - A, B, Beardfish, Hamster Theatre /
Kim Swartz - Ozric Tentacles

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All art on this website © Michael Bennett (, All rights reserved.

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