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Site Photography

Members of the ProgDay organization have had lots of photos accumulate in their collections over the years. Many of them are uncredited. Some of those pictures have made their way to this web site.

Photography on this site is used by permission. If you discover that one of the pictures at is yours and you do not want it used, please let us know and we will remove it. If a photo is uncredited, please send us credit info so that we may add it as we update the site.

NOTE: Rights to all photography used on this site belong to the individual photographer and/or copyright holder.

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Photographers: Michael Inman - Barry Cleveland's Hologramatron / Juan Joy - Happy The Man, Hoyry-Kone, Krakatoa / Kim Swartz - Qui, 3rDegree

All art on this website © Michael Bennett (, All rights reserved.

Happy The Man photo

Happy The Man

Hoyry-Kone photo


Hologramatron photo

Barry Cleveland's

Qui photo


3rDegree photo


Krakatoa photo


Apocalypse photo