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Thanks for Another Great ProgDay!

(September 3, 2019)

ProgDay would like to thank all of the wonderful bands and appreciative music fans that met this year on the field to celebrate the 25th edition of the festival. Once again the musicians and audience combined for two days to create the unique musical community that is ProgDay. If you were a new attendee this year, we hope that you enjoyed the experience enough to become a regular part of the ProgDay family. A special thank you goes out to Marbin, who were added to the lineup with less than 24 hours notice and delivered another brilliant performance. We hope to see all of you next year for show 26.

The Devil's Staircase photo

The Devil's Staircase

THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE was formed by bassist Luis Nasser (Sonus Umbra, Might Could, Luz de Riada) along with guitarist Tim McCaskey (Sonus Umbra, Might Could) as a vehicle to show case instrumental music written to highlight musical forms dictated by fractal geometry, chaos, cellular automata and cosmology. Other members include guitarist Aaron Geller (Might Could, Funk Ark), saxophonist/sound painter Ramsés Luna (Cabezas de Cera, Luz de Riada, T.O.M.E.) and drummer/percussionist/gadget master Mattias Olsson (Anglagard, Necromonkey, White Willow).

Bruteus photo


BRUTEUS is a three piece instrumental gathering of musical friends with a groove-heavy crossover prog-rock foundation layered with a soulful melodic vibe. Combining elements of 70s rock, 90s alternative, recent prog, and experimental music, BRUTEUS’ sound is dynamic, powerful, and memorable.

For more details, please visit the Preshow Page.

Strange Changes and Valence at ProgDay 25!

(August 11, 2019)

Strange Changes photo

Strange Changes

Strange Changes is an eclectic genre-pushing rock band comprised of musicians from the Boston music scene. Founded in 2008 by frontman Tom Dowd, the band boldly mixes elements of American popular music with classical, jazz, metal, and more, creating music in the tradition of the great American pop composers Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus. Balancing high-level improvisation with tight arrangements and a free-spirited approach to the great tradition of American music, from moment to moment there’s no telling where SC is headed next.

Valence photo


"...a relentlessly intricate and unpredictable—yet remarkably unified and welcoming—bit of wordless storytelling that will captivate fans of progressive rock."

"If you love some of the acrobatic, complex, and heavy material of current acts like Scale the Summit, Between the Buried & Me, and Animals as Leaders, this is a band you need to check out"

Formed in 2010, progressive metal fusion quartet VALENCE fuses metal, jam, classical, and jazz music, while incorporating influences from contemporary instrumental progressive metal, experimental metal and heavy rock. The band will be featuring material from their new 2019 release, Cognitive Dissidents.

Keneally photo

Mike Keneally with Andy West

"Keneally is the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era."

Known initially as the “stunt guitarist” for Frank Zappa (following the likes of Adrian Belew and Steve Vai), KENEALLY then blazed a significant place for himself in the world of music with a series of recordings remarkable both in their musical scope and originality. In addition to Frank Zappa, he has also made a name for himself working with acclaimed artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Andy Partridge, Henry Kaiser, Mastodon, Devin Townsend, and others.

For this special performance KENEALLY will be teaming up with ANDY WEST, best known as bassist and co-founder of the renowned fusion band, The Dixie Dregs.

Mike says, “the identity of the drummer is yet to be revealed.”
Check back later for more information.

Farmhouse Odyssey photo

Farmhouse Odyssey (US)

“The lyrics themselves take on a nearly surreal, sometimes almost e.e.cummings-like texture - the phrasings odd and suggesting, rather than spelling out in cold, clinical terms. All of it backed by formidable, exquisite, musical complexity. That right there is the spiritual bedrock: while the voice whispers, cries, intones - the musicians form ever-changing, ever-growing, never-stagnating counterpoints leading to newness. All of it hypnotic.”

Formed in California in 2012, FARMHOUSE ODYSSEY is an ensemble of 5 friends coming together to create music outside of genre definitions, but inspired by progressive rock, jazz, psychedelic, funk and world music. The result is organic, free-flowing symphonic rock with fusion overtones, and a vibe that evokes west coast psychedelia. The band will be featuring music from their new release Fertile Ground.

Marbin photo

Thursday Night Preshow: Marbin (Israel, US)

“What an amazing band! Everytime I listen to Marbin, I simply wish to see them live in concert in the near future, because it is obvious they provide wonderful shows full of energy, jazz fusion/rock and craziness…”
- Memowakeman, PROGARCHIVES

ProgDay regulars will remember fusion band MARBIN taking the stage by storm at ProgDay 2015 and leaving a trail of stunned audience members in their wake. MARBIN will be performing at Local 506 on August 29, the Thursday night before ProgDay weekend. If you are arriving on Thursday for ProgDay 25, you won’t want to miss this show!

Check the Preshow Page for details.

Romantic Warriors 4 cover

FREE Screening:
Romantic Warriors IV - Krautrock (Part 1)!

(July 16, 2019)

As part of ProgDay’s advocacy for progressive music, we have teamed up with Adele Schmidt and José Zegarra Holder of Zeitgeist Media Production to present a FREE screening of the feature film documentary, Romantic Warriors IV – Krautrock (Part 1).  Part 1 covers the music and history of Can, Faust, Harmonia, NEU!, Cluster, Damo Suzuki's Network, and more.

Krautrock is a form of progressive rock that has proven to be one of the most influential to current rock musicians, particularly post-rock artists. This is a chance for those familiar with this great music to learn more about their favorite artists. For those not familiar with the music, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the music and the musicians that create it.

When: Saturday, August 31, 9:00pm.
Where: Hotel Comfort Inn University Durham,
3508 Mt. Moriah Rd., Durham, NC 27707

Us, Today photo

Us, Today at ProgDay 25!

(July 11, 2019)

"…a wonderful trio from from Cincinnati, Ohio, who play a sort of modern progressive rock with a lot of modern / electronica / hipster touches. The sound is interesting, fun, rockin' and unique. The only groups I can think of that have some similarities are Algernon and, to a lesser degree, Tortoise, but they mostly sound like Us, Today. They're also great live...
Give a listen! You want this!"


Us, Today have a very organic sound, grounded and almost spartan, defined by subtle innovation rather than flamboyant gimmicks. They choose to focus on precision and they build their hypnotic tracks from the interplay of well-defined, razor-sharp riffs, punctuated by the celestial vibraphone.

US, TODAY combines elements of jazz, post-rock and electronic music to explore the less traveled intersections of rock and electric jazz. With the unusual instrumentation of guitar, keyboards, drums and vibraphone, the trio has developed a signature sound. Whether the music is tumbling head over heels down a hill or floating in ambient space, the band’s musical adventures focus on subtlety and invention and will take you down a winding road to new places.

Tickets are now on sale!

(July 1, 2019)

Weekend Passes and Patron Passes are now available for advance sale on the ProgDay Tickets Page.
Tickets will be mailed starting the week of July 8.

Two More Bands for ProgDay 25!

(June 23, 2019)

Accordo Dei Contrari photo

Accordo Dei Contrari

"Their musical stew is an exciting and angular concoction of contrasts, sharp corners, hidden turns, and clever ideas, all woven together somewhere near the intersection of jazz and rock, with a dollop of Italian culture stirring the mix. If you could only buy one recording this year, Violato Intatto might well be the one worth seeking out."
- Peter Thelen, Exposé

"Five stars; a masterpiece of complex, boundary-pushing progressive rock music--the goal that all progressive rock musicians should strive for."
- Brufordfreak, Progarchives

Since the band’s 2001 birth in Bologna, Italy, as an ensemble for creating original instrumental music, ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI has developed a reputation for its excellent musicianship, thoughtful compositions, and its particular take on combining musical genres in a purposeful way. With influences ranging from classic seventies prog and jazz-rock to contemporary jazz, 20th century classical music and the avant-garde, the music is always changing and flowing along new paths. The result has been a series of critically acclaimed studio albums.

With each release the band continues to redefine its music. Most recently, with the departure of their bassist, the band reconstituted itself with the addition of saxophone. This culminated in the most recent release, Violato Intatto, which made many Best-Of-The-Year lists for critics and fans.

In an exclusive 2019 North American appearance, the re-envisioned quartet brings its acclaimed music to the Storybook stage for the first time since the band's American debut at ProgDay 2012.

IZZ photo


Harmony vocals? Yup. Plenty of intricately woven melodies? Check. Music that makes the listener stay through to the end and then hit repeat? Double check. This is one of the most exciting albums I have heard from the States since I first came across Spock's Beard, Glass Hammer, Discipline, Timothy Pure and Iluvatar back in the day. It has that sort of impact, and whatever passage I am listening to, of whatever song, is the best bit.“
- Kev Rowland, Progarchives

Formed in the 1990s and performing at ProgDay for the first time in 2002, IZZ has become one of the pre-eminent symphonic progressive rock bands in the United States. Playing a mix of classic progressive rock with modern sensibilities, the incorporation of different musical styles combined with the maximum utilization of the band’s four vocalists creates a rich sonic experience that can be emotional and exciting without treading into the darker side of the universe. Taking influences from pop and progressive rock like ELP, Genesis, Renaissance, Yes and The Beatles, IZZ will be performing songs from the new 2019 release, Don’t Panic, alongside favorites from the past.

Morglbl photo

Mörglbl Performs at ProgDay 25!

(May 28, 2019)

Often described as Primus meets Steve Vai or The Beatles meet Pantera, Mörglbl’s live performances veer toward the crazy by mixing substantial metal riffs with subtle jazz harmonies, deep pocket grooves, and their trademark goofball humor. - Mörglbl Bio

Through a series of acclaimed recordings and extensive international touring, the energetic musical whirlwind called MÖRGLBL has become known all over the world for their unique mash-up of metal, fusion, jazz, and a madcap attitude to the remarkable music they make. Consisting of guitar master Christophe Godin, bassist Ivan Rougny and drummer Aurélien Ouzoulias, the band celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in 2018, but shows no sign of letting up. With a 2019 release entitled The Story Of Scott Rötti, MÖRGLBL returns to the ProgDay stage after eight years to perform tracks from the new album, as well as old favorites.

Plans are Being Made for ProgDay's 25th Show!

(March 4, 2019)

Plans for the 25th Edition of ProgDay are underway.
Please check back later for more information.

Until our first band announcements are made, we will keep the music, band pages and information from last year's 24th edition available on the ProgDay website.


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