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Thank You From ProgDay 2017.

(September 6, 2017)

ProgDay would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended our 23rd edition, to all of the amazing bands who consistently impressed with their musicianship, musicality and vision, and to all of the essential volunteers who stepped up to help ProgDay roll effortlessly throughout the weekend.

This year ProgDay raffled off a guitar that was signed by all of the bands performing at ProgDay 2017. The proceeds are going to the relief fund for hurricane Harvey victims. It is a testiment to our modest audience of 200 that we raised $1100. That's over $5.00 each for everyone in attendence. Special thanks to Ray Loboda who came up with the idea and donated the Ibanez guitar that was raffled.

The weather was great, the audience was its usual enthusiastic, big-earred and appreciative self, the music was inspired, and if it's even possible, ProgDay felt like more of a community than ever before. Thank you to everyone who contributed to creating this little city in the woods for two wonderful days. We hope to see everyone next year at ProgDay 2018.

Pär Lindh Unable to Make ProgDay 2017.

(August 31, 2017)

ProgDay has just been contacted by Pär Lindh to say that he unfortunately was not able to make his connection tonight in Paris for his flight to the United States. He tried his best to rectify the situation. He is extremely disappointed and sends his regrets about the circumstances, but because of the resultant difficulties, he will be unable to get to the United States for his scheduled ProgDay performance. Though we already had a full roster of 8 great bands for 2017, the last minute opportunity to work Pär's solo performance into the lineup was going to be a special addition to the weekend. Like Pär, we are very disappointed and sad to make this announcement, but we will still have our usual 8 bands this year at Storybook.

Pär Lindh at ProgDay 2017!

(August 16, 2017)

Par Lindh photo

Pär Lindh (Sweden)

PÄR LINDH’s musical career stretches back to 1977 when he formed Antenna Baroque. In 1979 he founded the symphonic trio Vincebus Ereptum. But with the changing musical times he spent his following years as organist, classical pianist, harpsichordist and drummer. While successful, he missed the calling of progressive rock.

Beginning with his return to Sweden in 1989, he resurrected his early symphonic spirit with a band called Manticore, built the Crimsonian Label studio, and chaired The Swedish Art Rock Society. In 1994 he released the first Pär Lindh Project album, Gothic Impressions. The rest, as they say,
is history.

PÄR LINDH has a long established reputation as a composer, master keyboardist, and musical interpreter. For his ProgDay appearance, PÄR will be performing solo and paying tribute to the late Keith Emerson, performing music from The Nice and ELP, as well as his own music from the Pär Lindh Project, and more.

Dave Kerzner Band and Sonus Umbra
at ProgDay 2017!

(August 5, 2017)

Kerzner photo

Dave Kerzner Band (US)

DAVE KERZNER first made a name for himself through his work with wide-ranging artists such as Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Alan Parsons, Nick Mason, John Paul Jones, Neil Peart, Francis Dunnery, Jon Anderson, Ringo Starr, Heather Findlay, Jerry Marotta, and many others. However, he is probably best known as co-founder of Sound Of Contact and co-writer/producer of Sound Of Contact’s award-winning concept album Dimensionaut. He is also well known as the founder of the sound production company Sonic Reality.

After many years working in sound design and production with SR and as a keyboardist with other artists, KERZNER decided it was time to take center stage as lead vocalist and put out his first progressive rock album as a solo artist. In 2014 he released his critically acclaimed debut recording, New World. Lush, melodious, atmospheric and restrained, it has been referred to as “a massive, opulent and timeless piece of psychedelic prog that will stand the test of time.”

KERZNER is currently finishing his second album, Static, which is due to be released in September/October.

Sonus Umbra photo

Sonus Umbra (US)

Formed by Luis Nasser, Ricardo Gómez and Andrés Aullet as Radio Silence in Mexico in 1989, the band was active for 5 years until its breakup in 1994. While working with Kurgan’s Bane in Baltimore after relocating to the United States, founding member Luis Nasser discovered the developing progressive rock underground that had begun to flourish with the rise of the internet. Eventually Radio Silence was resurrected, and an album of early recordings was released to rave reviews.

Changing its name to SONUS UMBRA for legal reasons, the band continued to develop, record and perform. Mixing elements of progressive folk, symphonic rock, hard rock and heavy prog, the result has been a series of highly praised albums, two ROSfest performances, as well as appearances at Progtoberfest, Orion, the NJ Proghouse, the Boston ProgEARS showcase, and Terra Incognita.

Flor de Loto Cancels,
Hedersleben & Ephemeral Sun Confirm!

(July 23, 2017)

It is with great sadness and disappointment that we must announce that Flor de Loto has cancelled its performance at this year's ProgDay.

However, we have two more great bands to announce:

Hedersleben photo

Hedersleben (Multinational)

HEDERSLEBEN is a spacerock/psyche/krautrock band whose goal is to embrace the mindset and sound of early progressive rock/krautrock. Often compared to bands like Amon Duul II, Hawkwind and Gong, HEDERSLEBEN was hatched in the village of the same name on the outskirts of Quedlinburg, Germany. Beside the ancient stone cloister in the half-timbered Bauernhaus, British guitarist Nicky Garratt (an original member of the iconic punk band UK Subs) jammed with krautrock luminary Uve Mülrich, (Embryo), inspiring Garratt's next project.

In 2012, Garratt became the musical director for Hawkwind’s Nik Turner. Garratt gathered musicians to collaborate and record Nik Turner’s Space Gypsy album. After a short incubation period, the prototype version of HEDERSLEBEN was born from those sessions.

After the success of Space Gypsy, Nicky Garratt took on the musical director position for the legendary Swiss band Brainticket. Working with original keyboard/flute/sitar player Joel Vandroogenbroeck, the songs were developed by HEDERSLEBEN in rehearsals in Oakland while Joel worked in Mexico. The result was Brainticket’s Past, Present and Future, the first Brainticket studio album in 15 years.

Upgoer, HEDERSLEBEN’s debut release, was recorded back-to-back with the Brainticket album, and released in 2013.

Since then HEDERSLEBEN has continued to release albums and evolve, ranging from a new take on classic krautrock to full-blown prog-rock concept albums. The band has toured the US multiple times, both opening for and backing Nik Turner, and their music has been used in feature films.

Ephemeral Sun photo

Ephemeral Sun (US)

Started as a project featuring ex-Rain Fell Within members John Battema (keyboards) and Charles Gore (bass), EPHEMERAL SUN began life as a vocal band with an atmospheric and experimental approach to prog-metal. However, with the release of their second album, Harvest Aorta, the band abandoned vocals and found their musical identity in a special captivating brand of progressive rock combining influences from symphonic, metal, ambient, electronica and fusion, presented with a strong, almost cinematic vision. Having been compared to bands like Anekdoten, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater and Finch, but really sounding like none of them, EPHEMERAL SUN has continued the pursuit of their unique sound. With the release of Lord Of Hounds, they follow the course charted by Harvest Aorta to a darker place.

Bubblemath photo

Bubblemath Returns to ProgDay!

(July 5, 2017)

"Progress is not possible without deviation,” - Frank Zappa

If Zappa were alive to hear them, he’d almost certainly agree that Minnesota fivesome BUBBLEMATH exudes his philosophy (and daring spirit) with every unconventional rhythmic change, off-the-wall timbre, and multilayered melody. Their debut 2002 release, Such Fine Particles of The Universe, garnered them 86,000 My Space followers and the Minnesota Music Academy’s "2002 Best Eclectic Recording” award.

Fifteen years later, the Eclectic Prog / Avant-Pop / Technical Metal quintet has released their second album, Edit Peptide, which has proven to be a worthwhile wait with its Frankenstein’s monster-formula of lively textures, wacky and virtuosic musicianship, hypnotically robust vocals, and charmingly astute attitudes. Edit Peptide is a masterful medley of artful aural arithmetic, blending the in-your-face intricacy of Between The Buried And Me and The Mars Volta with the eccentric experimentation of Mr. Bungle, the dense and poppy harmonies of Umphrey’s McGee and Echolyn, the symphonic vibrancy and tongue-in-cheek foundation of Beardfish, and the forceful fluidity of Bent Knee, The Dear Hunter, and
Emanuel And The Fear.

By conducting so many divergent styles, refining their songwriting and compositional skills, and most of all, sticking to their guns when it comes to crafting highly challenging and adventurous, but also quite hypnotic and welcoming, tunes, the quintet proves just how perfectly a band can fuse the familiar and the fresh.

BUBBLEMATH returns to the ProgDay stage after 14 years, featuring material from its new album, Edit Peptide.

Advance Tickets Now on Sale!

(June 26, 2017)

Patron Passes and Weekend Passes for Saturday and Sunday are now available for advance sale on the Tickets Page.

Shylock and David Torn at ProgDay 2017!

(June 3, 2017)

Shylock photo

Shylock (France)

...When I thought I had seen everything with Museo Rosenbach, PFM or Osanna, Shylock appeared and finished as my favorite act of the festival....extraordinary musicians, who besides showing their skills, left their soul on stage. Simply wonderful!"
- Guillermo Urdapilleta, The Rocktologist, Baha Prog 2014

SHYLOCK is a French progressive rock band that formed in the 1970’s. The music became known for its instrumental richness and complexity, dark ambience, electric tension, and refined romanticism. Gialorgues and Ile de Fièvre became regarded as classic albums of the late-70s French progressive scene.

Most often compared to King Crimson, Pulsar and Arachnoid, SHYLOCK’s influence can be felt in bands like Änglagård, Xaal, Tiemko, and Minimum Vital.

Thirty-three years after disbanding, the group reformed in 2012 to perform the music worldwide again for people who had never seen them on stage. ProgDay is honored to host SHYLOCK for its first US appearance.

Torn and Sonar photo

David Torn (Special Guest with Sonar)

David Torn is a composer, texturalist, guitarist, producer & whatnot of actual international stature, renowned for his unique musical voice which seems to span & un-define a range of idioms and styles. His work has had material impact & influence upon both film scoring and, generally, upon contemporary electric, electro-acoustic & electronic music.

You will also find David’s creative contributions on the works of other musical artists-of-note as diverse as David Bowie, Tim Berne, Jeff Beck, Mick Karn, David Sylvian, John Legend, Tori Amos, Meshell Ndegeocello, John Popper, Jan Garbarek, Jarboe, Laurie Anderson, Chocolate Genius, Don Cherry, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tony Levin, Andy Rinehart, David Douglas, Manu Katché, etc.

SONAR's upcoming release, Vortex, was produced by David Torn. He also performs on the album. ...So it just seemed natural to have David sit-in with the band at their ProgDay performance.

Thank you to David for his interest in the idea, and working with us to make it happen. ProgDay is very excited to announce an exclusive performance of Sonar with special guest David Torn at Storybook Farm.

First Band Announcements for ProgDay 2017!

(April 6, 2017)

Flor de Loto photo

Flor de Loto (Peru)

Flor De Loto has continued to grow as a musical entity, which means that thanks to them, Peru's progressive scene remains an interesting point of reference regarding the healthy state of the affairs for current progressive rock around the globe.
- Cesar Inca,

Hailing from Lima, Peru, FLOR DE LOTO began in 1998. However it was years later before the band released their eponymous debut. Taking more than six months to record, Flor De Loto was a great success and is regarded by many as one of the best Latin American prog albums of 2005.

Since then, the band has become the most well-known proponent of progressive rock from Peru. Often compared to Jethro Tull because of their flute/rock mix, their style also encompasses fusion, psyche, metal, folk (particularly Andean folk music) and film music.

ProgDay is extremely pleased to present Flor De Loto for their first performance in the United States.

Sonar photo

Sonar (Switzerland)

...a revolutionary shot across the bow for what we might consider to be the possibilities of modern day guitar music... With so many forms of contemporary music seemingly satisfied to simply regurgitate weary and weathered tropes, Sonar has defied the norm by crafting something
singular and magical."

- Jeff Miers,The Buffalo News

SONAR is a avant-progressive, post-minimal band from Switzerland. Fusing an exacting minimal esthetic with the power of a rock band, SONAR creates sonic rituals unlike anything you have ever heard before. While pointing to King Crimson, the compositional precision of Nik Bärtsch, and minimalist composer Steve Reich as some of the band’s more obvious touchstones, the music comes out of the gate sounding like none of them. At a time when most guitarists are measured in notes per second, SONAR is, instead, the meeting place of rigorously considered writing, collective restraint, and a sound instantly recognizable as much for what is not there as for what is.

The band’s new release, Vortex, produced by David Torn, is scheduled to be available at ProgDay 2017.

iNFiNiEN photo


“Light at the Endless Tunnel takes the listener into a wide-range of directions, blending the familiar with unexpected Middle Eastern elements, Indian vocal percussion, soul and lots more. The band features extremely talented musicians who showcase their talent with looped guitars, creative bass lines, imaginative drum patters, Ethiopian scales, spectacular guitar solos, exquisite keyboard ambience, epic intensity, and Canterbury-ish keyboards... In other words, state of the art progressive rock... Every year, there is at least one progressive music act that stands out from the rest and Infinien is undoubtedly one of the best. This is one of the progressive rock gems of the past few months. Highly recommended."
- Angel Romero,

Philadelphia-born iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities into a visionary, unified force. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and classical influences, the band plays intricately composed songs with a focus on the exploration of new territories of sound by using exotic scales, chords, and rhythms. A centerpiece of the band’s sound is the expressive voice of Chrissie Loftus, whose evocative and emotional vocals provide the lyrical glue that binds the widely-ranging compositions together. The band has hit a new peak with their latest release, Light At The Endless Tunnel, which found it’s way onto many “Best Of The Year” lists for 2016.

Plans are being made for ProgDay 2017!

(February 4, 2017)

Plans for ProgDay 2017 are well underway. Our first band announcements will be coming soon. Please check back for more information.

Until then, we will keep the music, band pages and information from last year's 22nd edition available on the ProgDay website.


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