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"A great example of the contemporary face of progressive rock."
- Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

EDENSONG’s beginnings date back to the 1990s and the progmetal band Echoes Of Eden. When that group disbanded, James Byron Schoen decided to form a new band. The ultimate result was EDENSONG.

Releasing The Fruit Fallen in 2008, the band’s initial release was a wonderfully eclectic mix of folk, classical, rock, progmetal and world music. Their second studio album, Years In The Garden Of Years, continued to develop their unique sound and ended up on many “Best Symphonic Albums of the Year” lists for 2016. When keyboardist Stefan Paolini departed in 2017, rather than find another keyboard player, EDENSONG furthered their eclecticism by bringing virtuoso koto player Kento Iwasaki into the fold. The band is currently working on their third studio album.

To make their ProgDay return as distinctive as possible, Stefan Paolini will be reuniting with EDENSONG at ProgDay as a special guest for a special performance.

Ovrfwrd Plays ProgDay 2018!

(August 3, 2018)

Ovrfwrd photo

"It is impossible to classify it. I don't find any other group to which I could refer. Heavy influences, space influences, jazz-rock influences... are obvious with others!…You just need to like instrumental music with complex structures and technical maestria. If you really are prog fanatics,
you can only be hypnotized."


OVRFWRD formed in 2012. The original idea was for the band to be a vocal quintet, but the singer never showed up for the recording sessions and the band decided to move forward as an instrumental quartet. The resulting music is a wide-ranging mixture of symphonic rock, fusion, classical, space rock, hard rock and metal, that owes more to the band members' diverse and complex backgrounds and musical influences than to any particular genre or sound. With comparisons to bands as varied as Djam Karet, Discipline, King Crimson, Electric Asturias, and Spock’s Beard, OVRFWRD’s music is a journey that’s dramatic, powerful and beautiful.

Geph photo

"This stuff is clever, sophisticated, at times joyous, in others, heavy, even, in places, creepy... If you like Brand X, Bruford, Aphex Twin and the more Frippertronic side of Robert Fripp, then I reckon you’ll like this. Brilliant."

GEPH is a Boston-based trio of two Chapman Sticks and drums. The band formed in 2014 with the idea of exploring composition and arranging music in a heavy, intense musical environment. The result has been two albums of instrumental music combining elements of fusion, metal, and symphonic rock. Compared to bands ranging from Animals As Leaders to a mashup of King Crimson and Tool, the music can be serene or heavy, dissonant or melodic, ambient or in-your-face. GEPH will be performing their new recently released album, Apophenia, at ProgDay 2018.

Karmic Juggernaut photo

"Damn!  Just got turned onto this amazing psychedelic progressive jazzy band and am BLOWN AWAY!  I’m definitely now a fan and this is also definitely in my Top 10 Of 2018.  Shades of King Crimson, Zappa, Mr Bungle, Bigelf, The Mars Volta, Yes... BRAVO"
- MIKE PORTNOY (Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Winery Dogs, Adrenaline Mob, Sons of Apollo, etc.)

Founded in 2004, KARMIC JUGGERNAUT has spent the past 14 years pursuing the idea of creating music that exists without boundaries, that organically develops based on what a particular tune requires. This has led the band to evolve from an instrumental four piece outfit to a vocal 6 piece, with a further extended ensemble when required. The result is a collection of eclectic music that combines elements of psychedelic rock, symphonic rock, funk, jazz, blues, jamband, world music, and whatever other genres might be appropriate at the time.

Ultimately the band’s website tags its music as “Progressive Freakout Fusion Rock.” That sounds about right to us…

Advance Tickets Now on Sale!

(July 8, 2018)

Patron Passes and Weekend Passes are now available for advance sale on the Tickets Page.

Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores photo

ALEC K. REDFEARN & THE EYESORES have been making uniquely rewarding music for over 15 years. They are one of the great uncategorizable, creative ensembles of our time, crafting a music that is distinctly theirs alone. Many buzzwords have been used to describe the band’s playing and Redfearn’s composing and arranging, but they all fall short of conveying the dark beauty of the music and lyrics.

The group's unmistakable sound is the result of Alec's songs, which have poignant melodies and lyrics filled with doom-laden imagery. These songs are performed by a band who use unusual instrumentation in interesting and creative ways. The music touches on elements of Americana, folk, European cabaret, minimalism, noise, and progressive rock, but it ultimately transcends all categories except for ‘excellence.’

Fernando Perdomo & The Out To Sea Band photo

FERNANDO PERDOMO has been making a name for himself as a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As owner and operator of Reseda Ranch Studios (Reseda, CA), he has been involved in a diverse range of musical productions, including work with Linda Perhacs, Dean Ford, Andy Pratt, Rebecca Pidgeon, Cristina Vane, Jacob Jeffries, The Dirty Diamond, Ex Norwegian, and Alih Jey. To progressive rock fans, he is probably best known as guitarist (and sometimes bassist) of the
Dave Kerzner Band.

For Fernando’s fifth solo album, Out To Sea, he decided to celebrate his love of progressive rock with a collection of instrumental symphonic rock pieces. Playing all of the instruments himself on the studio recording, The Out To Sea Band was formed to bring this music to the live stage. The band will be performing material from the album Out To Sea, and more.

Pixie Ninja photo

PIXIE NINJA is the creation of two individuals with a huge appetite for Scandinavian progressive music - Jostein Haugen and Marius Leirånes. Playing together in various projects since 2008, they began to work on Ultrasound, PIXIE NINJA’s debut album, in 2015. Marius and Jostein played guitar, bass and keyboards. The album was produced by Mattias Olsson (Necromonkey, Änglagård), who was also responsible for drums, percussion and other instruments. What emerged was an eclectic mix of heavy ambient, electronica and symphonic rock, all rendered with a strong cinematic feel.

When Ultrasound was released in 2017, Marius and Jostein never intended to perform the material live. However, they later received so many requests for live shows, that they decided to make it happen. In February, 2018, Marius and Jostein asked Mattias Olsson to join the band on drums and Fredrik Klingwall to be the band’s new keyboard maestro. They met up at Roth-Händle Studios in May and started rehearsing for live shows.

ProgDay is happy to host Pixie Ninja for its first performance in the U.S.!

Soften The Glare photo

SOFTEN THE GLARE is what happens when different worlds collide. Guitarist Bon Lozaga has made a name for himself among jazz/rock and progressive rock fans with his work in Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, Gongzilla and Tiny Boxes. He has also forayed into the jamband scene, playing with moe. and Umphreys McGee. Ryan Martinie is known as the bass player for Mudvayne, a heavy metal band that achieved global success. Now, along with drummer Mitch Hull, they form SOFTEN THE GLARE, an instrumental trio with elements of metal, jazz. funk, symphonic progressive and a touch of chaos!

Plans Are Being Made For ProgDay 2018.

(March 11, 2018)

Plans for ProgDay 2018 are underway. Please check back later for more information.

Until our first band announcements are made, we will keep the music, band pages and information from last year's 23rd edition available on the ProgDay website.


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