ProgDay Preshow

Friday, August 30, Cat's Cradle

Devil's Staircase photo

The Devil's Staircase (US, Mexico, Sweden)

THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE was formed by bassist Luis Nasser (Sonus Umbra, Might Could, Luz de Riada) along with guitarist Tim McCaskey (Sonus Umbra, Might Could) as a vehicle to show case instrumental music written to highlight musical forms dictated by fractal geometry, chaos, cellular automata and cosmology. Other members include guitarist Aaron Geller (Might Could, Funk Ark), saxophonist/sound painter Ramsés Luna (Cabezas de Cera, Luz de Riada, T.O.M.E.) and drummer/percussionist/gadget master Mattias Olsson (Anglagard, Necromonkey, White Willow).

They are about to complete their eponymous debut album, and are looking forward to being part of Progday this year. If you want to hear what fractal geometry, chaos and non-linear physics sound like when the mathematics becomes music, climb the Devil's Staircase.


Music to Check Out: Rule 34

Opening the show for The Devil's Staircase will be:

Bruteus photo

Bruteus (US)

BRUTEUS is a three piece instrumental gathering of musical friends with a groove-heavy crossover prog-rock foundation layered with a soulful melodic vibe. Combining elements of 70s rock, 90s alternative, recent prog, and experimental music, BRUTEUSí sound is dynamic, powerful, and memorable.

The band consists of YONTZ SUCRE on guitar (Triplicity, Juxta, the Pyg, Groove Project, Stinkfist), LARS HARTMAN on drums (Mary Selvidge, Southbound 85, Better off Dead, The Results, GNP,) and SEAN GEIST on bass (MPS project, Retro Buzzkill, Mighty Lester, FunkinA, Thumpasaurus).

BRUTEUSí Debut self titled Album, "Bruteus" (2015), was recorded live to capture the energy as it was in the room with no overdubs and no post tracking.

BRUTEUS' Sophomore release, "Anthem" (2018), finds all songs carefully crafted in the studio. The album explores more possibilities and new artistic directions of growth.

BRUTEUS on Reverbnation
BRUTEUS on Facebook

Music to Check Out: Anthem on Reverbnation

Video to Check Out: "Babalu" live at The Pour House

Cat's Cradle, 300 East Main Street, Carrboro, NC

Door opens at 7:30pm. Showtime is 8:30pm.

$10 advance / $12 day of show.

For more information and to purchase tickets in advance,
please visit the Cat's Cradle website at

Thursday, August 29, Local 506

Marbin photo

Marbin (Israel, US)

ProgDay regulars will remember MARBIN taking the stage by storm at ProgDay 2015 and leaving a trail of stunned audience members in their wake. If you are arriving for ProgDay 25 on Thursday, you won’t want to miss this show!

MARBIN is a progressive jazz-rock band based in Chicago, IL. The band started touring extensively in 2011, bringing their original instrumental music to every part of the United States. Through word of mouth, MARBIN has gained the attention of thousands of devoted fans all over the world, and has sold tens of thousands of albums. To date MARBIN has released seven albums.

Official Web Site:

Videos to check out:

Opening the show for Marbin will be:

Ben DeLaurentis photo

Ben DeLaurentis (US)

BEN DELAURENTIS is a singer-songwriter based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, and the founder of rock band, Steal The Prize.

Official Web Site:

Local 506, 506 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

Door opens at 7:00pm. Showtime is 8pm.

$10 advance / $12 day of show.

For more information and to purchase tickets in advance,
please visit the Local 506 website at

Click here for the Facebook event page.


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