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First Band Announcements for ProgDay 2024!

(June 14, 2024)

Yang band photo


"Superb guitar from Frédéric L’Epée and his ensemble. Ticking all sorts of Canterbury, RIO, and other boxes.” - SID SMITH - UK

The legacy of guitarist/composer Frédéric L’Epée stretches back to the 1970s with the legendary band Shylock. Followed by the evocative and intricate music of Philharmonie, YANG continues this musical exploration and development. While Robert Fripp is an obvious influence, the music ranges out into territories that really sound like nothing Fripp or King Crimson has done before. Often described as a midpoint between complex math rock and more traditional progressive rock, the music is always unpredictable and captivating. Join us as YANG celebrates it’s newest release on Cuneiform Records, Rejoice!, with a spellbinding journey through their eclectic repertoire that seamlessly combines intricate melodies and powerful rhythms.

Jack O' The Clock band photo

Jack O' The Clock

"Jack O' The Clock just seem to go from strength to strength, one of the most original and compelling groups I know playing some amazing compositions that seem to tread effortlessly between Van Dyke Parks and folk music from an as yet unidentified culture, while making all the things you've always thought of as difficult sound as effortless and natural as breathing.” - FRED FRITH

JACK O’ THE CLOCK released its first album in 2008. Now, with ten albums of original music, the band’s unique blend of Americana, progressive rock and the avant continues to defy easy characterization. While the basic instrumentation is inherently folk in nature, the final result, with it’s chamber orchestra leanings, jazz details, intense storytelling, and a dollop of surrealism, creates a sonic landscape which is really like nothing else. …Or as one reviewer stated, “JACK O’ THE CLOCK is what you get when you put together After Crying, Frank Zappa, Donovan, The Beatles and Indie Pop.” Whatever your description, the music is eloquent and beautiful, and always interesting and engaging.

Stay Tuned for ProgDay 2024!

(June 6, 2024)

Hello to everyone.

This is just a quick post to say that ProgDay will again be happening this year at Storybook Farm on Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 31st and September 1st.

Our first band announcements are coming soon. As usual, the bands from last year will remain on the ProgDay website until our first band announcements are made for 2024.

See you on the field!


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