ProgDay Venue
ProgDay stage

Primary Venue:
Storybook Farm, Chapel Hill, NC

ProgDay will once again take place on the beautiful grounds of Storybook Farm located just west of the towns proper of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina. Storybook Farm is located just off of Jones Ferry Road at:

Storybook Farm, One Storybook Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

B. The stage... Storybook stage


Parking at Storybook Farm is just outside of the main gate. For reasons of safety and to keep traffic to a minimum within the Storybook grounds, no vehicles are allowed beyond this point except for Patrons,
performers and vendors.

For those new to the festival, please be aware that there is a walk of a few hundred yards to get to the stage from the main parking area. When walking to and from the parking area, please respect the property of those who live on the Storybook grounds and walk along the road. Patron Pass holders may park near the stage pavillion in their designated area.

The speed limit at Storybook Farm is 15 mph. There are families with children who live on the property, and on dry days the dirt road to the stage can create a lot of dust. Attendees will also be walking along the road to get to the performance area. Please be safe and considerate and drive slowly.

Ducks crossing road


Typical weather for Labor Day weekend in the Triangle area is very hot and humid. While Storybook Farm is ringed by forest, there is no shade from the sun in the audience area in front of the stage. For your comfort and safety, we strongly recommend bringing lots of sun screen, hats, sun glasses and other protection from the sun, and lots of beverages. Many attendees bring sun umbrellas, canopies, and even tents (which often give ProgDay the feeling of a caravan that's just made camp). Please do not take this recommendation lightly. If you do not come prepared, the heat and sun could interfere with your enjoyment of the festival.

Tent city


ProgDay will have food and drink available for purchase during the event. The on site food vendor for this year is to be announced.

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Starpoint Brewing will again be at Storybook Farm with a selection of their excellent beers.

E. Late afternoon... Storybook audience

In addition, attendees may bring their own refreshments.
Grills are allowed, but no open fires.
Alcohol is permitted.


Besides bringing ample protection from the sun, coolers and lawn chairs are allowed and encouraged, as are frisbees, footballs, beach blankets, hammocks, kites, picnic lunches, and anything else that will help you have a good time. However, please be considerate and refrain from activities that might be distracting to other members of the audience. If in doubt, please move to another part of the field where it is not an issue. Storybook Farm is a big place and there is ample room for everyone to enjoy themsleves.

SHELTER NOTE: If you have a tent or sun shelter, please set up in the back so that the view of the stage is not blocked. We ask that you do not erect anything closer to the stage than the soundboard.

You might want to consider a light rain coat or umbrella
in case of drizzle.

Samla Mammas Manna photo


While there are many places to buy supplies along the way to ProgDay, there is a large grocery store (Food Lion) conveniently located where NC-54 Bypass connects with Jones Ferry Road. If you are coming from NC-54 Bypass, the store is on the right, at the top of a hill just after you turn left from the NC-54 ramp onto Jones Ferry Road, headed towards Storybook Farm (#6 in the driving directions). This is only about 5 miles down the road from Storybook Farm's main gate, which makes for a quick trip if you discover you need something after arriving at the festival.

G. Storybook stage


ProgDay functions through the efforts of volunteers. The people that direct you to your parking space, that take your ticket at the gate, that work the ProgDay vendor table, that run bands back and forth from the hotel to the venue and back again, and that do the scores of other little things that keep ProgDay rolling, are all volunteers. They've bought a ticket to the festival just like you, but they are donating part of their ProgDay experience to helping out. At the end of the day, any mess that attendees leave behind must be disposed of by volunteers who would much rather be heading out to dinner after the show. So please help out ProgDay and our volunteers by cleaning up after yourself during the festival.


For ten years ProgDay was held without incident. However, over ProgDay weekend in 2004, property of the Metal Shop at Storybook Farm was vandalized. Whether this unfortunate offense was perpetrated by ProgDay attendees or not, ProgDay was held accountable for the cost of the damages. ProgDay does not have the resources to absorb this kind of expense. As a result, please be aware that none of our audience is allowed near any of the residences or businesses at Storybook Farm. This includes the swimming pool, stone house, metal shop, gardens, fruit trees, pond, greenhouses, nursery, or any other private structures on the grounds. We must necessarily be strict in our enforcement of this policy and anyone found in any of these areas will be escorted from the festival. Please understand our position and use common sense in this matter.
Thank you.

Backup Venue

For over 20 years ProgDay reserved The Arts Center in Carboro as the back-up venue for the festival. The Arts Center recently moved to another smaller location that does not have the capacity to host ProgDay. We wish The Arts Center great success in its new digs. However, the search for a replacement backup venue has so far been unsuccessful. What this means is that currently ProgDay 2024 will be outside rain-or-shine. Please plan accordingly.

Important Notes


For your safety and to maximize your enjoyment of the weekend, being prepared for the hot weather at ProgDay is very important, so we are mentioning this once again. Usually the weather is VERY hot and humid. Please remember to bring adequate protection from the sun and plenty of liquids to drink.


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1. Take I-95 to I-85 (Petersburg, VA).
2. Follow I-85 to Durham, NC.
3. In Durham, take US-15 S / US-501 S / Durham Chapel Hill Blvd. Continue to follow US-15 S / US-501 S.
4. US-15 S / US-501 S becomes NC-54 Bypass W. (1.9m)
5. Take the Jones Ferry Rd. ramp towards Carrboro. (0.1m)
6. Left onto Jones Ferry Rd. (5m)
7. Storybook Farm will be on the left. If you pass three radio towers on the right, you just missed it.


1. Follow I-40 to exit 270, US-15 S / US-501 S (Chapel Hill)
2. Follow numbers 4-7 in the directions above.

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