ProgDay Music

For your convenience, all of the music samples for this year's ProgDay bands are collected here.

Accordo Dei Contrari (Italy)

Violato Intatto cover

from Violato Intatto on

• "Eros vs. Anteros"
• "Folia Saxifraga"
• "Blu-S"
• "Monodia"

Farmhouse Odyssey (US)

Rise Of The Waterfowl cover  Fertile Ground cover

from Rise Of The Waterfowl:
• "Calligraphy"

from Fertile Ground:
• "Betwixt And Between"
• "Verve"


Don't Panic cover  The Darkened Room cover

from Don't Panic:
• "Don't Panic"

from The Darkened Room:
• "23 Minutes Of Tragedy"

Mörglbl (France)

The Story Of Scott Rötti cover  Brütal Römance cover

from The Story Of Scott Rötti:
• "2 Flics Amis Amish"

from Brütal Römance:
• "Golden Ribs"

Jazz For The Deaf cover  Grotesk cover

from Jäzz For The Deaf:
• "Hell's Balls"

from Grötesk:
• "Buffet Froid"

Bienvenue a Morglbl Land cover  The Morglbl Trio !! cover

from Bienvenue ā Mörglbl Land:
• "Scipagnolag Et Bombola"

from The Mörglbl Trio!!:
• "The Tale Of Thibault"

Strange Changes (US)

I Want You cover

I Want You on the Strange Changes Music Page

Us, Today (US)

Computant cover

Computant on

Us, Today on Spotify

Valence (US)

Cognitive Dissidents cover

• Spotify - Cognitive Dissidents
• Apple Music - Cognitive Dissidents


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Accordo Dei Contrari photo

  Accordo Dei Contrari

Farmhouse Odyssey photo

  Farmhouse Odyssey

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Strange Changes photo

  Strange Changes

Us, Today photo

  Us, Today

Valence photo