ProgDay Music

For your convenience, all of the music samples for this year's ProgDay bands are collected here.

Ad Astra (US)

Ad Astra cover

from Ad Astra (2008):

• "La Cosa Nostradamus"
• "True North"
• "Five To Four"
• "Awakening"

Bent Knee (US)

Shiny Eyed Babie cover

from Shiny Eyed Babies (2014):

• "Being Human"
• "Way Too Long"

Deus Ex Machina (Italy)

"Figli" from Devoto:

Discipline (US)

Push & Profit cover  To Shatter All Accord cover

from Push & Profit (1993):

• "The Nursery Year"

from To Shatter All Accord (2011):

• "Circuitry"

Eye (US)

Center of the Sun cover  Vision And Ageless Light cover

from Center Of The Sun (2011):

• "Rik Rite"

from Vision And Ageless Light (2016):

• "Dweller Of The Twilight Void"

Second Sight cover

from Second Sight (2013):

• "Cultrider (edit)"

In The Presence Of Wolves (US)

Thalassas cover

from Thalassas (2014):

• "Storm In A Red Dress"

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (US)

Mixtape Symphony cover

from Mixtape Symphony (2014):

"Desert (Encore)"

from Think/Do (working title for unreleased upcoming album):

"This Is The Last Hurrah"

"We Came Through The Storm"

Luz De Riada (Mexico/US)

Tale And Fables 3 cover  Tales and Fables 1 cover

fromCuentos y Fábulas 3 (Tales and Fables Vol 3) (2016):

• "Playball"
• "Satan Carroρa"

from Cuentos y Fábulas 1 (Tales and Fables Vol 1) (2011):

• "Parlamento Saurio"


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Ad Astra photo

  Ad Astra

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  Bent Knee

Deus photo

  Deus Ex Machina

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Eye photo


In The Presence Of Wolves photo

  In The Presence Of

Jonathan Scales photo

  Jonathan Scales

Luz De Riada photo

  Luz De Riada